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There have been a few posts out in the blogosphere about equestrian chic interiors, particularly art featuring horses.  And after seeing some new works in local galleries I’m about to jump on board as well.  Having been a rider of horses in my youth I have always been drawn to these gorgeous beasts.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I asked for one for Christmas a few years running (no dice). They are so elegant yet powerful and for some reason make a fantastic subject for over scale artwork! Her are some images that show the variety of looks created by equestrian themed art:

atlanta tti_thumb


dining room_modern traditional herringbone floors horse art built in bookshelves_Nuevo Estilo magazine via La Dolce Vita mar09

eric roth photography photographer winter white living room yellow accent throw pillows wild horses of sable island photograph drum pendant light

horse lane interiors

Jeffers Design Group  vintage meets modern with a punch

I was perusing Art.com for something completely different when I came across this amazing time lapse print of a jockey riding. I absolutely LOVE it- but have no walls to put it on right now. Drat.

Picture 1

When I worked at a Newbury Street art gallery right after college the gallery across the street, Chase (there are over 40 galleries on Newbury, did you know that?) had a exhibition of artist Joseph Piccollo and it stopped me dead in my tracks. Such drama, such scale! And can I remind you these are drawings! I cannot imagine the time each took.




While I was perusing the fantastic Webster & Co. showroom yesterday I saw the work of photographer Shelli Breidenbach in the Ralph Lauren display area.  Her pictures are disarmingly beautiful in their unique staging and composition (I wish I had my camera with me to show you the gorgeous set up they have in the showroom right now).



shelli3 shelli2

shelli4 shelli5




  1. Fantastic post… why are horses so stunning? I love love love these! Off to check out Joseph Piccollo’s work… thanks for sharing!!! xo

  2. I have been obsessed with the room in your first picture since the first time I saw it. I actually do not like horses-at all (bad experience!) but love everything about equestrian style-interiors and clothing-and I’m loving all these pieces of art!

  3. Gorgeous post.
    I seriously asked for a horse so many times growing up that I had a dream once that my parents got me one. I believed it so much I ran down stairs that morning asking where the horse was. I thought they had put it in the garage and I kept looking in there to find him. My parents still laugh about this.

  4. I love how the ones you’ve selected are such large scale pieces. They make such a beautiful statement. I’ve always loved that one in the second photo of the masculine bedroom. So unique.

  5. These are amazing pics- they remind me of the photographs in Besito in West Hartford Center- stunning on the candle lit walls. the large scale of these pictures is simply breathtaking- especially with the simple neutral color scheme around it- inspirational! thanks!

  6. I’m a history teacher; so I immediately recognized the time lapse print of the horse, as the first recognized videography (or moving picture). I’ve always loved that series, as well.

  7. I love equestrian themed rooms. Horses are such stunning, strong creatures, and it shows up on photos and paintings. They make a room!

  8. Hi Erin! love this post. i have two horses. Duke’s 27, have had him for 21 years! Anyway, i have also started noticing more equestrian chic in some stores lately-home and clothing. Nothing excites me more! Growing up, everything was hunt scene fabric for me! Glad to see these fab pics. Also, I swear Banana Rep had a t shirt with that print! Had one a long time ago!

  9. Gorgeous images! I love the unexpected pics like the second photo of the horse’s mane or the photo of the legs. All look very cool and dramatic. Lovely post.

  10. I love the blown up graphic images being shown – so dramatic. I have been admiring the one with the three horses forever and have been searching etsy for something like it- I have the same problem as you though…to many pieces I want/have and not enough wall space to put it all:( The images you shared are so striking though- might have to reconsider. Great post!

  11. Has anyone found the time lapse print on art.com? Could not find it by searching “jocky” prints. Help! Link ?

  12. As an rider and designer, I truly appreciate your post. It showcased some beautiful horse photography and drawings. I always get so excited when I see a post about horses. Thanks for brightening my day! Keith Carter’s Ezekiel’s Horse is another beautiful series of horse photographs that you may enjoy.

  13. You must have been also inspired by all the horse pics when you stayed at the Carneros Inn! The horse photos there are beautiful.

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