Southern Stunner

First of all, the re-invented Veranda Magazine under the inspired watch of Domino alum Dara Caponigro is really fabulous. Secondly, the cover home of this first issue by Dara is to die for.  Designed (and owned) by Melanie Turner of Turner Davis Interiors, this Atlanta estate is traditional, cool, modern, fun yet serious.  I think it’s a really interesting, textural look where we see both restraint and indulgence in equal measure.  It sure seems like Atlanta is fast becoming a hot bed for design!




melanie turner master bed

I would never, ever leave this movie theater room. Twilight, popcorn and some wine snuggled up on those chaises? Heaven!


melanie turner daughters bedroom

melanie turner casual dining

Love the large artwork here behind the tv- it conceals it a little by distracting your eye!


melanie turner porch


images via Things That Inspire


  1. LOVE the Todd Murphy paintings in the dinning room and bedroom! He has always been a favorite painter of mine. But now they are selling some mixed media stuff of his on Restoration Hardware…not sure how I feel about that but good for him I guess. More exposure. I like his oil paintings better.

  2. I thought it was a fabulous first effort too. As for your comment about Atlanta fast becoming a hot bed for design. I think that it has enjoyed that designation for a long time.

    mb from Dallas

  3. I’m so happy to hear that Veranda has been taken over by the watchful eye of Dara! I will now promptly head to my magazine stand to purchase this issue, and subscribe immediately. I feel like I could follow the Domino gang to the ends of the earth. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Great post , and what a beautiful home! I have been thinking the same thing about Atlanta. I have been pondering about moving bath there. It seems to be growing in more ways than one. :-)


  5. So great to see ATL getting the exposure…there’s some amazing design going on here people!! This house has long been around & published here, i think even the backdrop for a Real Housewives photoshoot…nice to see Dara giving it some legs…you all must start reading Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, lots of great talent here!

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