Soak It Up

I always let out an audible sigh whenever I see a fabulous bathroom with an even more fabulous tub in it.  Is there anything more relaxing than a bubble bath in a deep tub with a glass of wine, some music and candles lit? I think not. Here’s a collection of amazing soaking spaces to take you away…

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  1. How relaxing! I love the look of that copper tub but wouldn’t it be so hot to sit in when filled with hot water? Or is it coated with something inside? We had clawfoot tubs in our country home growing up and I’ve always been so partial to them. They remind me of home.

  2. What wonderful images. I remember several of them – I especially love the 5th couple down – in the left shot the way the tub is so elegantly encased against the wall and on the right the way the wall covering and trim are so dramatic (muriel brandolini perhaps?). And so funny – I am considering using the same Canovas paper (in a different colorway) as in the Amanda Nesbit bath for my girls! Fun post!

  3. I always thought I liked clean, refined, white white bathrooms, but I found myself loving the ones with the rustic organic elements best. Thanks for sharing such a variety of spectacular baths!

  4. These rooms are beautiful. But … let’s be real. Who can devote a full room to a bathtub these days (i.e., a bathroom without a shower)? I took a couple of baths in 1996 when I had shoulder surgery and couldn’t shower for a couple of days, but otherwise, I don’t think I’ve taken a bath since I became a teenager.

    But if one of these tubs had a built in desk and laptop computer and phone hookups, now we’re talking.

  5. Sean – ’96 was a good year for baths. I love the one with the chair & fireplace…I would hang out there…

  6. oh no you didn’t! oh. my. god. love love love. my friend just got a clawfoot tub on craigslist for 100 bucks and i secretly want to paint its toenails.

  7. I love all the natural light and giant windows. It’s great if you live in the country and take a bath at night where you can see all the stars and it’s great to take a bath in bright morning sun too.

  8. I also sigh when I see these standalone bathtubs! And no there’s nothing more relaxing that a warm bubble bath, I need one of those right about now ;) Loved the all white room, seems so serene, a true getaway. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Erin – these are amazing. It reminds me of a beautiful hotel in the New Forest in England where my boyfriend took me for my birthday this year:

    (scroll through the photos until you see the one with the free-standing tub right in the bedroom – what could be more romantic?…)

    PS I adore your blog (from all the way in London….) x

  10. These are all beautiful, but there is one major drawback with standalone tubs (ie, those not encased in a surround with insulation), the water goes cold too quickly. Now that we understand even better the energy savings to be achieved in using the least amount of hot water possible, a properly insulated tub is even more appealing.

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