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Empiric Studio on OKL!

Picture 14

I’m so excited to see that my pal Annie from Empiric Studio is having a Tastemaker Tag Sale this weekend on One Kings Lane! Having been to her store in LA and a frequent visitor to her site, I know there will be good stuff. PLUS, I know she was out east hitting up Brimfield for cool vintage finds just for this sale! How do I know that? Because in a totally amazing twist of fate I was sat at the table next to hers in a restaurant here in Boston while she was visiting. Destiny, I tell you. We totally dorked out about it, squealing and hugging and when my husband and dining companions asked how I knew her, my response was “oh, well, I don’t really know her, we’ve been blog friends FOREVER!”  Cue confused looks and rolling of eyes. :) Ahhhh, blogland, how I love you.

Anyways, check out her sale this weekend!

Raw and Rad

I have long been obsessed with the very pricey work of Hudson Furniture.  The raw edge slab dining table is on my “hope to have it by the time I die” list.  After quoting it out for a client, it may remain on there long after I’m six feet under. However, I came across the work of Marsia Holzer Studio and it’s quite similar and more affordable. The mix of the beauty of natural wood and sleek metals is one I simply adore.  I’m REALLY loving the brass/gold legs on the first slab table too!

Picture 13

Picture 14

Some lovely natural but modern coffee tables too…

Picture 16

Picture 18

Picture 17

How about this bar top??? I’d happily sip some vino saddled up to this baby. Who am I kidding, I’d happily sip some vino saddled up to just about anything.

Picture 15

These bar stools would look amazing at a stainless steel island or soapstone counter top!

Picture 19

Product Junkies: Jenny from MFAMB.

Picture 13

There are some blogs that just make you laugh out loud. My Favorite and My Best is one of the best at accomplishing that.  I adore Jenny’s take on design and her blunt delivery (and NSFW language).  So I asked her for her favorite product and of course, she put her own hilarious spin on it:


hey element readers…
i am old.  and i have used a lot of mascara in my time. but i always come back to this:
diorshow mascara in rich black

here are it’s key awesome components:
#1 it smells like roses!!
#2 it never clumps.  except when it starts to get old, which is right around 3 months- then i toss it and get a new one.
#3 it separates beautifully.
#4 i never get raccoon eyes.
#5 it washes off with whatever i wash my face with.
#6 my eyes smell like fucking roses!!!!!!!!!
thanks erin.
i love sharing my fave things…

Sponsor Welcome: Honeybee Collection

I want to welcome EOS’s newest sponsor Honeybee Collection, a fine jewelry resource with lots of unique and modern finds! Here are some of my favorite pieces they offer on their site. Be sure to check ’em out!

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022_earrings_gold_800x600_306_general es-sn036_156_general

gr082cytqdia800x600_2160_thumb hbn157y_1283_general

hbebggeaajrp_800x600_161_general hbese030_205_general

What’s great about the necklace at lower right is that it look a lot like the classic “diamonds by the yard” from Tiffany, yet it’s CZ and gold, so it’s more affordable but gives the same look!

hbn074mpwqws600x800_1176_general ch191_y_1982_general