Making Retail Look Custom

You know this dream project I’m working on? It’s bananas.  And the kitchen reno is underway which will make it UBER-bananas. Well, another element of the it came in last week and I’m delirious with the results.  I wanted a pair of black x-benches with monograms for this space but we didn’t want to spend a fortune. So what I did was order up a pair of black Ballard x-benches along with a couple extra yards of matching fabric.  I took the extra fabric to a  local monogram shop and had them done up in a very Adler-esque chain frame style and then had an upholsterer redo the tops of them (and use some white fabric to pipe the edges). TA-DA!(Pardon the crappy Blackberry pic)


They look super expensive and custom made, no?


  1. What a great idea. I have been super curious about the quality of the Ballard benches. If you hadn’t gone the extra mile to customize them, would they have worked in a solid? I need a little punch of red.

  2. LOVEEEEE it!! May I take your idea? I will give you all the credit, promise! Thank you, great!

  3. Absolutely LOVE them! Great idea working the custom monogram into these otherwise predictable x bench. Looking forward to seeing more of this project!

  4. I LOVE those and I NEED to have them…….Wow – great post! Thanks…

  5. These are amazing! I would also love to steal this idea, with due credit of course!! Which Ballard fabric did you choose and how much extra yardage did you need to reuphulster the top?! Love love love!!!! You are so amazing :)

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