Sneak Peek Perfection

Did you guys see this fabulous sneak peek on Design Sponge yesterday? If not, pop over and take a look.  It’s the studio/home of Susan and William Brinson in NYC. He’s a photographer and uses the space to shoot so some of it is very bare bones and open, but the details that are there are amazing.  It’s such a fabulous mix of vintage, collections, modern and DIY you can’t help but feel the bohemian creativity just oozing out of each room!

My favorite is the bedroom- that yellow duvet, those WINDOWS, the gorgeous deep blue lamp, the antique furniture… I just love it!




I cannot get over this 100 light DIY chandelier they crafted themselves. It is GORGEOUS. Plus the gallery wall set off by the black wall color is simply divine.  Black walls are my new favorite thing in the world. Next to puppies. And Twilight.



Yet again, an argument for black walls. The knives look like art when against it!



Here are some items that remind me of this space, so you could get the look on your own:

The Dwell Peacock Citrine duvet set. I am OBSESSED with this bedding.


A double headboard like this one from Wisteria.


Paintable embossed wallpaper, just like they used (and try my new favorite black paint, Martha Stewart’s Florence)


The Edison chandelier from PB isn’t quite a rockin’ as their insane DIY one above, but it gives you that industrial look of exposed bulbs!


These vintage style suitcases from Target are great for those who don’t feel like scouring flea markets and eBay for a set.



  1. Very cool! I love the window panels (the black and white trellis-esque ones).

    If you need a post idea, anything to do with window treatments will be appreciated! My home is coming together after almost a year of painting/new furniture/new floors/new carpeting, but I have very naked windows. I find the window dressing idea the most stressful yet!

  2. I’m a little obsessed with this sort of organic soft industrial look. Oh, and that paintable, textured wallpaper is going somewhere in my house. And soon.

  3. I would love a dining room table like that! Any idea where it’s from or where I could find lone like it?

  4. way to deconstruct an awesome space! thanks lady! xx

    oh and p,s, my husband and i are in a great debate over painting our dining room black and i am adding Florence to our ‘to-try’ list. *fingers crossed* thanks for the rec!

  5. The chandelier is ridiculous. Shows that with a little know how and creativity, anyone can make some really cool home decor.

  6. mmmm…great ideas here. i really like the black and white curtains sandwiching the fern. anyone know the source?

  7. I love the duvet!! Any idea what fabric that is? The Dwell one is a great suggestion, but I love the colors in the fabric they chose!!

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