Favorite FindsMay 5, 2010

The Sound of Jaws Dropping…

I haven’t been this inspired by a home and a couple in a long time. We’re talking MAJOR lifestyle (and plain ol’ STYLE) lust here. I am nearly speechless in awe of the pure, unadulterated awesomeness of sculptor/ furniture designer Fitzhugh Karol and jewelry designer Lindsey Caleo’s Brooklyn brownstone.  In addition to their individual work they also are part of the family run business The Brooklyn Home Co. which specializes in renovating, you got it, Brooklyn brownstones. Their own project is the crown jewel though.  The bright white space combines natural wood, metal, glass and modern and traditional furniture and accessories in such a  clean but not boring way that I am going to use this space as PERFECT inspiration for my own new home. I am ENAMORED to say the least. I’m surprised that with two such massive talents residing in one space (and in a relationship) that it hasn’t ripped a hole in the space time continuum. Their coolness seems superhuman. Enough of my pontificating….feat your eyes on this….




Picture 5


This barn door from a New Hampshire sheep farm set on tracks SLAYS me. No really, I may die from the awesomeness.



Hugh made this hand carved bed. What a slacker.

Picture 1


Picture 2

Their adorable dog is all, “You know you wanna be me”. I do, puppy. You are one lucky little guy.


Lindsay’s jewelry is incredible too!

Picture 6
Picture 9

Picture 8
Picture 7

I think that’s all my brain can take before it explodes in fits of inspired thinking.

Photos by Emily Gilbert Photography.

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