Obsessing Over: MaeMae Paperie

A friend of mine sent me the link to the gasp-inducing MaeMae Paperie blog featuring the graphic design and stationery of designer Megan Gonzalez. I have not seen such creativity, attention to detail and pure gorgeousness is ages! This girl is a GENIUS! As I was pouring through her images I went into full on “obsessed mode” which has classic symptoms such as acute deafness, seat-bouncing, drooling, mumbling and Tourette’s-like cursing in a gleeful manner.  It’s really something to witness, let me tell you.

Back to the obsession du jour– I think one of my favorite parts of wedding styling is the paper goods and Megan is a true star in this arena. It makes me want to get married again- just so I can send out invites. I am so glad to have gotten a client inquiry about wedding styling yesterday- perhaps it it will feed my desire to dive headfirst into wedding ephemera!

Take a gander….


IMG_4429 IMG_4451




IMG_5706 epstein3


IMG_4904 IMG_3789





IMG_5103 IMG_5071









IMG_2898 IMG_5381

batman Did I mention she also does small business branding? Guess who is getting an e-mail from me later today….




  1. I adore Megan’s work. The stationary is exquisite! Where was she when I was getting married?!!! I could use some “blogging cards”….might just have to give her a buzz. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I’m not sure why I have loved paper since I was a little girl. I started collecting stationary when I was 5. I guess there might be more people out there with this love – which is great. This selection from MaeMae Paperie is to die for! I need to start collecting again!

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaamazing. Can I just get married now? I’m going to have to check out her prices so I can cut costs elsewhere when I have a wedding to plan!!!!!

  4. gorgerous!! inspires me to work on more final pieces, instead of only messing around with sketches, since it’s summer!

  5. OH YEAH, she’s good! I’m getting married next spring and if I weren’t so OCD (and already designed our invites) I’d choose her! Bookmarked!

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