Lifestyle Lust: Emersonmade

I’ve been having one of those weeks where I just simply can’t deal. It’s taking forever to get myself into this new office, loose ends are attempting to be tied up with the sale of our home, deadlines are coming at a rapid fire pace and yesterday I got a flat tire which put a nail in the coffin of my last nerve.  All I can think about is giving the fast pace up and moving to a farmhouse far, far away where I can live a wholesome existence of gardening, painting, writing, sipping tea, feeding chickens and making crafty crap to sell on Etsy. And then I popped over onto Design*Sponge and saw the sneak peek of the home (and life) belonging to Emerson and Ryan of Emersonmade and it nearly sent me into convulsions of pure jealousy.  Not only because they are the cutest flipping couple on the planet (new couple crush!), but they are living the life I currently lust for! They left Manhattan to take up residence in a farmhouse in New Hampshire and run their gangbusters business from an old mill nearby. They do it all themselves, including modeling for the site. I am posting a crapload of pictures because not only do I love their home/product/photo styling but Emerson’s outfits are flawless and think they are fabulous inspiration! It’s no surprise that she has a clothing line coming out in 2010- and doesn’t she look like the perfect “real girl” for J.Crew? The hubby too, my goodness.

Get ready to get your envy on….


emerson_4 5_-_Copy_large

5_emersonmade emerson_14

I have to interrupt your gazing to emphasize this PANTRY! Are you kidding me? This is a-ma-zing!  To add to their totally impossible cuteness, these two only eat unrefined foods, no sugar, flour or processed ingredients. I, however, just ate a lot of processed ingredients for breakfast. *sigh*

6_emerson emerson_13



emerson2.jpeg emerson3.jpeg

IMG_1317 emerson8.jpeg



If these guys are looking for fab new best friends, we are totally ready to party. :)

gardenman3 lookin



blueblue-2_grande fire_rose_large

IMG_0392-2 IMG_0498

IMG_3079 IMG_3051






wood white3

paaarty IMG_9992_grande

blue dress 6 IMG_5766

IMG_2332 - Copy

IMG_1951 autoc_large

IMG_0492 img_812_large

img_765_large IMG_3662-2_grande

img_9715_large school9_large

white rose


  1. Between this post and the one on the Beacon Hill rental flat…I am just beside myself in the best possible way! Will have great joy and fun getting into these this weekend! What a delight!

  2. I have found my new girl crush. I want to have her life and although my husband is a keeper can we all just take a moment and say “wow” when it comes to her hubs. I want her home, her clothes and just that effortless style she seems to deliver on. Truthfully, she has the appearance I want to give off and just don’t know how to get there. My blue blazer and jeans just don’t have that same look no matter if I stick a big darn flower on the lapel.

    Now, to go and pick out something to wear. Somehow I feel it is going to be one of those “I hate everything” days after seeing those photos.

  3. This is divine in every respect! You’re right, this couple is adorable!!

    Darling, I hope your week has turned to the better and that you are feeling a little more energized after the Easter break.
    Hang on in there.


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