Obsession: Skirted Tables

I am currently totally and fully obsessed with skirted tables- particularly desks and entryway consoles. There is something so crisp and elegant about them. I plan on skirting a cheap Ikea rectangle desk when I move into my new office space for sure.  Here is a DIY no-sew table skirt guide from Newlywed Diaries for those handy with a staple gun and plywood.

This Tom Scheerer table is the ULTIMATE.

foyer coral

Loving Michelle Adams’ desk/console. I’d add a nice strip of greek key trim to the very bottom hem for myself.


palmer weiss IMG_0009

Little Green Notebook’s amazing entryway


Palmer Weiss certainly knows how to get it done.

palmer weiss3 palmer weiss9




Another DIY version found on Urban Grace



  1. I am absolutely with you on the skirted table obsession and have been putting photo after photo in both my jpeg and paper ‘wish list’ files. Actually have all but one of the photos you posted. That Tom Scheerer octagon foyer table is to die for!

  2. Loving this! I’ve been thinking about doing one for my desk as a nice way to stash supplies and free up some closet space! Thanks for posting such beautiful inspiration! :)

  3. I had a conversation with my husband this past weekend about how I wish we had more space for a skirted table in our foyer – he looked at me shocked (picturing the assemble yourself nightstand from linens n’ things from way back when). You can bet I’ll be sharing this post with him. Terrific compilation. BTW, speaking of husbands, yours rocks for his comment this weekend. Well handled.

  4. thanks for a great post (that I’m bookmarking!). I’ve been scheming of skirting a table in my house, and these images are great for inspiration!

  5. I think Joni must be giving skirted tables a comeback! I do like this crisper, more modern interpretation though — the sharp pleats at the corners and straight/flat front is a nice, clean look.

  6. I love this look so much! The Tom Scheerer and Palmer Weiss versions are my favorites. That is so funny. The third from last picture is from my husband’s boss’ house. I tutor their son, so I am there twice a week. It is a gorgeous home!

  7. What timing! I am in the middle of this project right now. Instead of a table, though, I purchased some unfinished pine bookshelves and will stop at the lumber store to have plywood cut as long as but deeper than the shelving top so it looks more proportional. Already it looks less “junky” in the room with masses of magazines hidden under the fabric I threw over the top. Next stop, lumber store, then sewing machine! Your examples have given me inspiration to keep this project moving forward.

  8. How funny, I have the opposite reaction. When I look at them, all I think is that there’s a ton of junk hiding underneath, and it may we as well be out in plain view, because it’s probably not as bad as what’s in my imagination!

  9. Lynn,

    I completely agree with you. I am not a fan of this design trend. To me, skirted tables read: (a) my grandmother’s house, (b) hiding an ugly table/console/vanity/desk, or (c) hiding ugly stuff under the table.

    Granted, love some of the fabrics, but I think I’ll leave my draped fabrics on my windows.

  10. …and these are a totally great way to hide ugly stuff. yay!

    You know, I have the same pair of turquoise foo dogs so now that I see them on a style blog I feel so sophisticated. Double yay!

    But I guess what makes these not unsightly to me is that the skirts are tailored and crisp. Like…., there’s nothing worse than those cheap round tables with ruffled skirts….unless it’s balloon valances in polished chintz.

    Oh yes, the 80’s interior design equivalent of leg warmers (mine had gold metallic yard in them because I was cool) and mammoth shoulder pads.

    Am I dating myself here?

  11. I recovered my table in my bedroom several years ago…now I’m going to have to re-do it! I love the Tom Scheerer skirt. It’s so much nicer than the traditional round skirt look. Thanks so much for an inspiring post. Angie

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