More of Colette’s Home (and sources!)

Between Colette and Jen Aniston, this is turning into a week of celebrating the stylish single gal here at E of S! You guys totally freaked as much as I did over the genius of Colette’s home and so I asked her for a few more snaps of her space and some of the sources you requested! Hope you enjoy seeing more of this incredible space.

I love the Fornasetti plates on the black wall paired with black upper cabinets and glossy black counter tops!


Colette shares a bit about her most favorite piece of furniture int he kitchen:

“I covered up a window to accommodate my most favorite piece of furniture.. A french piece that is about 150 years old.  When I bought it, it was white and I painted it green when I was in a shabby chic mode!  When I moved here, of course, I painted it black.  I have moved this big boy at least 4 times… I always say that this piece will be my coffin!”


Madeline in all her tutu-ed splendor ready for high tea!

Picture 2

Shown here is a new piece of art she picked up by artist Francine Turk.


Her master bedroom and bath are glamorous and incredibly luxurious. I of course noticed the tiny corner of the lucite Ghost chair at the vanity.  Love it in combination with the more traditional and ornate mirror and marble!

AJW_1778 photo4

In her daughter’s bathroom, Colette used more Fornasetti in the form of their wallpaper from Cole & Son.

photo5 photo6

She built these cubbies in her master bath. Love.


Other sources you requested:

*Chandeliers in living room/dining area: MOOOi

*Skeleton/snake print above the sofa: one of a kind from the home of Chicago designer George Lowell (from whom she begged to sell her the piece right off his own wall- nice negotiation skills, Colette!)

* Photos above fireplace by photographer Beth Moon.


  1. There are so few words to describe Collete’s place… my jaw is just hanging open. She has such impeccable taste! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous… looks like she puts so much thought into decorating and designing…I am amazed that she painted her favorite piece of furniture twice…..I am JUST getting into painting a few things in my home this Spring….I am trying to be a bit more daring and creative in that way! Oh and her daughter- just darling- love the Tutu! Thanks!

  3. btw, I bought a chandelier for my dinning room last week that has the same idea hers has ^^.. it’s just lovely

  4. Sometimes I wish I had the discipline to tone down my need for color, and this is a perfect example. All the black and gray and white and marble is just so good. I especially love how in the kitchen they didnt necessarily spend gobs to go all brand spanking new stainless gleaming giant applicances, so chic. And that daughter of hers is pretty darn cute as well!

  5. That kitchen is so interesting. I love all the bronze-ware….. Elegant, refined – perfect combination of new and old elements. Lovely.

    Samantha @PrettyLovely

  6. wow, asking for more is such a treat! i love those cubbies in the bathroom, and her daughter’s bathroom! When I was a kid I had wallpaper in my bathroom too… but my mom picked it when she was in some kind of ’90s country’ phase and had put blue rugs in that shit, too. It was nothing like this… god that little girl is gonna have the best memories of the home she grew up in.

  7. YAY!!!! THanks Erin!!! I love love love the new pics…. those plates and kitchen are to die! and the bathrooms…. my god, too good.

  8. Just Lovely. Adore your blog! I wish I could live in a neutral environment but my brain just craves color – lots of it! At least I can enjoy other people’s spaces.

  9. What an amazing space! Thank you for posting more pictures. Is there any way to find out where she got the duo table lamp next to the sofa (below skeleton print) from the previous post, or where to find something similar like it?

  10. Gosh, I’ve been thinking about those Fornasetti plates ever since I saw them in a set design for Will & Grace.
    Colette, you are just awesome.

  11. Totally, unbelievably blown-away. She is one talented inspiring woman. Her daughter could not be sweeter and bravo to Colette for going forward & having a child on her own. Look what she would of missed out on had she not made that brave move. Thanks Erin for posting more about this great family & their stunning home.

  12. Love, love love! Maybe a little too much Fornasetti for my taste, but that wouldn’t stop me from moving in tomorrow if given the chance. How inspiring — both her house and her daughter! :)

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