Location, Location, Location

I came upon the Beach Studios site through the awesome My Favorite and My Best blog, and have not been able to get off it for about 24 hours.  They are a photo/film shoot locations rental company in England who have a portfolio of drop dead gorgeous spaces available for rent (for movie making the like).  I think one of the coolest jobs ever would be to be a set decorator- to get a back story of a character and have the ability to craft who they are through their living space without having an actual living, breathing client. I’d relish the opportunity to take one of these empty spaces and imagine who would be living there right down to what books are on the bookshelves and knick knacks on the dresser.

This site is such an escapist fantasy (and total house porn for me).I had a hard time editing down to even this ridiculous amount, so I hope you’ll go on the site!


Books in a fireplace + tufted walls? Two things I didn’t know I liked.


Sun streaming in windows + white everything=peace


An old church becomes a modern masterpiece.


Whatever it is thats above that mantle, I’d like one please.





This shots make me weak in the knees.


Dark grey + limed wood might be my new favorite thing. Ever.



Crazy awesome beach house.



Opulence of yesteryear- I can’t get enough.




My dream- indoor/outdoor seamless dining. I can barely stand it.


This wall color is baller. Like milk chocolate. Loves.


I need to wake up here. Wow.


Oh hello crazy awesome green ceiling.


I need to be transported here IMMEDIATELY. I think all the sunshine and white would clear up my sinuses fast.


How about this sweet little writer’s cottage?


They even have crazy glamorous yurts.  This girl looks really happy outside her yurt with a good book and some wine. Maybe I need a yurt.



I’m going to have a hard time not coming back to this site today as I feel wretched with a cold and want nothing more than to be in an English cottage in the countryside with tea, a blanket and book RIGHT HERE:


Also check out the online shop Pale & Interesting that the stylists for the company run!


24 Responses to “Location, Location, Location”

  1. Jessica says:


  2. Kate says:

    TO DIE FOR! I want to move in to any of those spaces….thanks for posting!

  3. Bailey says:

    Isn’t MFAMB awesome! LOVE Jenny’s voice…this was a great link, major time suckage though perusing and fantasizing

  4. who could possibly choose a favorite space or application in this post?

    i would have to leave a term paper length comment on each image.

    beautiful post.

  5. Karena says:

    Love these homes, great to get away! I will go and check her site now….thanks so much for sharing!


  6. Amanda says:

    First there’s the navy wall with the white baseboard that had my attention (beautiful). Then the milk chocolate room made me drool. And i just blacked out over the writer’s cottage. WRITER’S. COTTAGE. Really? Currently dreaming about writing this comment in my writer’s cottage. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Gorgeous spaces. I love the blue Moroccan-style yurt, the books stacked in the fireplace (what a beautiful pale blue wall) and the glam of the tufted wall in the next photo.

    And those arched windows? Love. Love. Love.

  8. stina says:

    I DO LOVE the books in the fireplace…we have one we never use, I like this way of making it interesting!

  9. Jami says:

    Holy CRAP. Thanks for sharing. Need to get over there now! I like the dark grey and wood combo too!

  10. Sandee says:

    Am so loving the beach house!

    Everytime we did a shoot we always used Light Locations and also the Shoot Factory – you’re going to love their locations!


    http://www.shootfactory.co.uk/index-uk.php – Jacob is a little monster but dead cute!

  11. Chic Coles says:

    LOVE these! I think it would be so cool to be a set director for homes, and I have always wondered where some of the beautiful sets come from in movies.

  12. robyn says:

    these images are stunning! all of the design ideas i adore in one place!
    i once worked on a shoot for a cookbook in south london in a rented location home – i walked in and fell in LOVE! it was too, too gorgeous! the owners were both photographers and had designed their home for being rented & shot/filmed for print and film – i would love to do that with my home one day!

  13. I love this site too! So many of the wood floors are so gorgeous. That indoor-outdoor dining with the Marais Chairs is my #1 inspiration shot.

  14. Wow, wow + more wow! Off to check out their sites…obsessed already!

  15. Grace says:

    I NEED to move to one of those houses as well. I agree reading a book and drinking tea in that last chair would be divine.

    I hope you are feeling better soon.

  16. LD says:

    I am so in love with the bedroom with the jewel toned bedding… I want to go hang out there right now! Loved these photos, thanks for sharing!

  17. Fabulous site. So glad to have another procastination (ah-hem inspiration) source. The “crazy awesome beach house” is my new favorite dream house!

  18. and you have gathered a tremendous amount of awesomeness for us all. thank you m’lady. and many thanks for the link of love. no YOU are awesome.

    your favorite and your best

  19. ceci says:

    where to begin? that was great! loved them all! loved that green house like dinning room…loved it all. you do such a great job each day. xoxo

  20. Purple Area says:

    Wow, what a post, great pics! So much inspiration, love the dark grey ones.

  21. Lisa says:

    I love all of these – gorgeous thanks for sharing. Robyn you mentioned on a post that you shot a cookbook in South London I am always looking for good studios to hire – do they have a website?

  22. Kristin says:

    I love the “writers cottage”. I have always dreamed of one day setting up shop in the back yard with my studio and home office…if it could be big enough to have a drum set for my dear one…when I’m not working, it would truly be a retreat for us both. I’d love a feature on just “out buildings” or garage renos that have this purpose.

  23. Liz says:

    Sooo beautiful! I always wondered where filmmakers found these magnificent sets.

  24. love all thse locations , they are fantastic. I think I have already seen this site on Designers block blog and I wrote it down