Design Crush: Elizabeth Kimberly Designs

I spotted Elizabeth Kimberly Designs over on Caitlin Creer’s blog some time ago and just dug it out of my bookmarks this morning through my cold induced haze.  This particular project is what sold me on EK’s design work, as it combines color, serene white, traditional and modern all very well and looks, so, well- perfect.

What a dump, huh? :)


I could not love these doors more.


Bright + light

EK16 EK4

I think that’s glass tile behind that mirror!


The nail head trim on this built almost sent into a seizure it’s so awesome.


I could get used ot this kitchen. Oh yes I could.


I spy white Barcelona chairs….

EK15 EK14

I’m dying. Seriously, dying.


The Rose Tarlow zebra paper I’ve been itching to use…


Do you think they might invite me over for wine?




  1. Wow! All the light that they have incorporated to almost every room, impressive. The nail head edging in the kitchen is something I would have never thought of, but wow, it makes it pop! Great post!

  2. the most beautiful house I’ve ever seen.. I wonder if they have a son about 22/28 years old ;p
    the kitchen is just lovely… amazing

  3. yes too was dying over this house when Caitlin posted it a while back. That nailhead is beautiful and if you went onto a seizure it would be for a good cause:-)


  4. So glad you pointed out the glass tiles! gorgeous and I would have overlooked that detail. I share your crush.

  5. Holy Woah!! This house is stunning. There is so much to take in – I love it all!!

    As for the console table with the glass-tiled wall, I spotted those white porcelain artichoke things at HomeGoods the other day for like $5 a piece!! I saw them, liked them, but didn’t know what to do with them. Hello, inspiration!



  6. I die as well. WOW. this house is literally perfect. there is not a single inch I don’t absolutely love. After seeing this I just want to re-do my whole house. If you get invited over for wine, you should probably just never leave (except to blog of course!)… I would just stay there and soak it in.

  7. I am gasping this house is so gorgeous. One picture more beautiful than the next. I am printing this and posting it on my “dream” board. LOVE! This is a great balance of beautiful decorations and not so bare that it looks like no one can possibly live there. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. O M G totally dying over this house! I must have it now. Thank you so much for sharing. Hope you feel better soon. EmergenC is my go to when I feel sick.

  9. I certainly think they SHOULD invite you over for wine, it would be pretty rude not to. I mean, y’all are kindred spirits. Nail head trim on cabinetry? C’mon now.

  10. Ditto to all previous posts. I may have to rob a bank and build one exactly like it! I’m DEF putting this on my “dream” board!! Great post, as always, but the absolute best of all interior design posts in my book. Can’t wait for Fashion Friday, tho…..

  11. I don’t really know what I would do with a kitchen, were I blessed with all the room in the world in which to put said kitchen. And, yes, I do know that no one really has “all the room in the world,” but lots and lots of people have considerably more room than I have! All I can do, I guess, is just keep surfing the Internet, hoping that I will find designs that I can put to use in my own kitchen. A little here, a little there, that sort of thing. That said, I will say, and I DO say, that you have given me much to think about with your concepts, and I thank you for sharing your ideas. And who knows? Maybe one fine day I will be sharing an absolutely smashing, albeit small, kitchen design!

  12. That kitchen is absolutely perfect – how cheerful would it be to eat breakfast there every morning and let’s not even get started on the entertaining possibilities…

    The cook in me is also hoping it has a gas stove, at least 2 ovens and huge fridge. But from the looks of that sink, it’s probably well equipped!

  13. I know oh do I know! I looked that house up the other day and had to show my husband who was not as thrilled as I but said he loved the grey diamond wallpaper behind the white round mirror. Of all the things in this gorgeous house…

  14. fuckballs! first of all can we like go have a cartwheel contest in that lawn? and second those blue glass lovelies on the table are making love to me and that zebra wallpaper is giving it to me with a strap on..


  15. This is MY HOUSE!! Ok, no not really… but one day!! I’m totally dying over here. That has my name written ALL OVER IT. Thank you so much for posting. You seriously brought some sunshine to my day : )


  16. Isn’t that nailhead detailing just perfect, that is one idea I am stealing for my house.

    I keep telling them they need to update their portfolio, I am like a drug addict!

  17. LOVE LOVE LOVE this house! Oh my goodness, and the attention to detail!

    What totally gets me though is how light and bright it is – it’s got a great vacation vibe.

  18. I am ready to move, right now, Amazing is the word that comes to my mind!! The light and flow of the home, perfection, So glad you posted this, I want more, please!! Kathysue

  19. What a gorgeous post! Truly inspiring… I love the use of yellow in that formal living area, and the pic frames in the kid’s room are so sweet. Wish I could see more of that nursery though. Thanks for sharing!

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