A Dream Apartment

As soon as I saw the title of Paloma’s post yesterday, “Lucky Lady” on her Facebook feed I thought “it MUST be the Anna Kohler apartment”.  And I was correct! Over the weekend I was perusing my dad’s copy of Renovation Style while out in CT and when I saw this apartment I began shrieking out loud. I may or may not have used expletives (which clearly is of some debate for me to use here) and flipped through the story about 50 times thinking “what does this girl DO for a living???” Without further ado, I present you one of the coolest bachelorette pads I’ve seen in a long time:





AK 1

renovationstyle53 annakohlerbath renovationstyle2_thumb1 annakohler1

To get Anna’s look here are some items that might be of interest to you:

Louis XVI dining chairs from Ballard Designs and a white glass chandelier from GreatChandeliers.com

UD042-800 A46-490-7WHITE-3

Modern floral wallpaper from Design Your Wall:

17607_big 17217-pattern

David Hicks fabric pillows from eBay and Kelly Wearstler pillows from Etsy

il_430xN.75608696 Picture 3

Acrylic bar stools

Picture 5 With a couple coats of glossy white paint and new hardware, this eBay desk could be just like Anna’s.

Picture 6


  1. I love that place. With the stark white and black, mixed with purple. Feminine, but not girly. Sleek but not cold. Very cool.

    Erin, the new AD has Jennifer Aniston’s newly renovated place. Curious to hear your thoughts

  2. Anna e-mailed me yesterday after she saw my post. Apparently, she reads my blog! She is currently a student and hopes to become an interior designer. She is definitely off to a fabulous start! She will be doing a “10 Things I Can’t Live Without” on La Dolce Vita soon, so hopefully we’ll learn more about this new talent.

  3. I love all the purples and burgandys – those are my favorite colors. It looks like her apartment is decorated in delicious red wine.

  4. I picked up this magazine over the weekend and adore this aparment. I love neutrals but the pop of pink and fuschia is every room was fabulous! I also love how such a small kitchen could be so totally amazing. Love it.

  5. Umm, are we honestly supposed to believe she did this on her own, without a designer…? I have to believe that along with the budget to decorate that place came some expert advice. That said, I think it’s a gorgeous apartment that I’d be very happy to live in :)

  6. Holy moley. That sink is incredible. And I LOOOVE that built-in fridge. LOOOVELY. And if I ever get an apartment with a bar, I will absolutely get those acrylic stools.


  7. I am in LOVE with that bathroom wallpaper. I really love the mix of steely grey and fuschia, too. So pretty. But if someone did buy such a beautiful desk and paint it white, I’d cry.

  8. I am practically crying over the gorgeousness of that space….what a lucky, lucky girl! Can’t wait to learn more about her.

  9. Oh my foo dog again. I’m just so cool I can’t stand myself.
    I love this! So, er, Domino… but my poor foo dogs live in a house that looks like two teenage boys, a husband and pets live there. Not like a swank bachelorette pad. (and if I’m I’m honest it probably looks like five teenage boys and a herd of goats live here most days.)
    But oh I don’t think I could paint over that tiger maple. Really,..I promise I’m not one a purist who’s got issues with painting over wood but that wood isn’t just any wood.

  10. Badass. That kitchen with the slab wall and the subzero just chillin in the middle of it all is really really really good. Love this.

  11. I wondered with her last name if she was also a Kohler heiress, but if she was why would she be renting? I think I read that in the article that this was a rented space. As much as I love what she did with it, I can’t imagine spending that kind of money on something I didn’t own. It’s beautiful though!

  12. Haha Cant believe shes a student. Lucky girl!

    Erin- could you put cushions on to those lucite stools? i adore them!!

    Great post. :) LOVE… I DIE

  13. I’ve re-read that article in Renovation Style probably 30 times…I LOVE the space.

    BTW – she had architect Laurel Ulland of Laurel Ulland Architecture help with the renovation. The article says she did do all the decorating on her own! She has quite a knack (and a piggybank, dang!)!

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