Oh, Hells No.


This cannot be happening. Is the fashion industry trying to bring back the SCRUNCHIE??? When my girlfriend sent this link to me I almost has a friggin’ stroke right here at my desk. What’s next, banana clips? Should I dust off my slap bracelets and Color Me Badd tapes? I know a lot of hideous trends have resurfaced this year: shoulder pads and hammer pants being the worst offenders, but scrunchies? Don’t these celebrity stylists recall the SATC episode where Carrie mercilessly taunts Berger for having his stylish book heroine wearing a scrunchie in modern day Manhattan? If Carrie, one of the the most adventurously wardrobed characters on TV, thinks scrunchies are still a big, fat, screaming NO- then I have to agree.

Please– as it is with “tights as pants” I beg of you not to participate. :)


  1. Hells YES! Didn’t you see coverage of Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 show? It’s all about scrunchies and the phanny pack!

  2. Grown women should not be allowed out of the house in a scrunchie. Next thing you know, we’ll be using them to tie up our puffy-painted tshirts.

    This is a slippery slope right back into the 80s.

  3. OMG!!! I was in Milan yesterday, in a very famous restaurant and there was this beautiful girl, she was young and very fashion, then she turn around and she was wearing a scrunchie!!! I was as shocked as you!!…I don’t know where are we going…:P

  4. HOLY SHIZZLE! What the F*&$ are they thinking?! If this comes back I swear I will get out of the fashion industry, throw in the towel and put on my hypercolor shirt and “tight roll” my jeans and cry.

  5. Noooooo! Bad memories, I had a friend i n high school that wore scrunchies daily on her wrist, in her hair…on her ankle! AGH!Scrunchies are the worst trend ever!

  6. omg. you can’t be serious. scrunchies should only appear in the bad 80s and 90s movies where they belong. not on our hair! this only proves to me how fashion is running out of ideas and how trends should not be followed. shoulder pads anyone?

  7. Yes, I have scrunchies…..NO, I don’t wear them in public. Strictly use them to pull my hair back when washing my face and to go to bed at night. I hate having long hair all over the place when trying to sleep. The scrunchy keeps it pulled back, but doesn’t cause hair breakage. Those black elastic bands have been known to wreak havoc on my hair!

  8. I agree about the scrunchies being a nono but your mention about tights. I’m sorry but I’m a major offender. I love all the beautiful short dresses that keep coming out and yet I fail to see the need to show my hienie to the world. So I rock the dresses as shirts with tights. I’m very cozy and happy and hope I can find them in the stores forever. Layering options + me = uber happy.

    Ps. I also love love wearing leg warmers under my boots and letting them peek out ala’ wellie warmer. so kill me. ;)

  9. hahaha – hell no mr scrunchie!! be banished like you should be!! i’m with you on this one, its a big fat NO from me too. love that SATC episode about the scrunchie – classic! x

  10. LMAO. Hilarity. Say it ain’t so. I don’t even use scrunchies when working out or to pull my hair back when washing my face. What a hot mess. Ugh.

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