Obsessing: The Kitchen Banquette

I have long been obsessed with having a corner banquette in my kitchen. I adore the idea of being able to sit and read the paper with coffee in a comfy spot or having friends enjoy a glass of wine in the same room while I cook (or open more wine and place a delivery order, rather). I saw Ballard’s newest freestanding version in their latest catalog, complete with nail head trim.  As you know, nail heads makes everything better in my humble opinion. Available in a variety of fabrics and various sizes, you can just slide this bad boy into a corner, add a pedestal table (I prefer a Tulip table) and voila– no need to call a finish carpenter to build one in for you!


Here are some images of delicious kitchen banquettes that I would be glad to call my own:

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  1. Obsession with kitchen banquettes, I’m right there with you. I had plans in the last house, but we moved before it could get done…It’s at the top of my current wish list. Thanks for the inspiration images…I’m salivating!

  2. embarassing admission: i have been OBSESSED with banquettes since I saw the one that Tori and Dean have in their kitchen. {i cringed as i wrote that}. it’s awesome and all upholstered in this crazy cool toile. sigh…..i want one.

  3. you aren’t kidding! i’ve been obsessive over the kitchen banquette for some time now and i WILL have one someday…

  4. Love the Ballard version and I love to cook – when I get my “dream kitchen”- I would love to make this an addition…..

  5. I love banquettes to and have for a long time. I think they add something so special to a kitchen. I loved looking at the pictures you found. Thanks for posting. xo, Cristi

  6. Sarah Richardson, one of my faaavorite designers out of Canada, almost always utilizes the banquette in her kitchens and dining rooms. I’ve never been a huge fan but I am loving these images you’ve featured! Great find at Ballard’s. Let us know if you get one!


  7. Beautiful pictures! Helpful when I too someday will get to remodel my kitchen (who knows when that will be!) To read, relax, sip tea and enjoy the first light of the day, a banguette is a must have in a house to be content in. Thanks for the great post.

  8. Sharing that obsession, fo sho. Went nutso when I received the latest Ballard with that newest version of their banquette. Also loved how they paired up the corner daybeds for a unique “two-fer” sister’s bedroom. Good stuff, I tell ya!

  9. I am also on the search for a banquette, but a bench design with back rather than a corner. I’d like an upholstered one with a wood frame and legs, but I’m having a hard time finding one that is long enough and in my budget. I’m hoping this is something I just randomly come across shopping that is totally a steal!

  10. Nooooooo! I just got Ballard’s coventry benches a few months ago and while I love them (REALLY well built and I got them to fit the space perfectly), nailhead trim would take it over the top (maybe I’ll just add it myself?!?).

    PS – I got mine in Sunbrella fabric and it’s brilliant — spills just bead off.

  11. I too LOVE a corner banquet, only prob is no place to put it in the new pad. I especially love that blue one from Elle Decor, it’s been in my favorites for awhile. So sunny and preppy and refreshing!

  12. Okay, I have to post simply because there’s too much banquette love in here! They’re okay, but definitely not swoon-worthy! I can’t imagine having to crawl in and out over people if you have a large one. Give me an island with stools or a table and chairs any day!

  13. oh loving all these pictures and so happy to see BD adding a new style! Last year I used their banquette in a tiny Boston Victorian and it was incredible how it maximized the space!! great post Erin!

  14. I love banquettes. I use them in almost every project I design. I have yet to have clients who haven’t loved their banquette. You pulled together some beautiful images. Thank you.

    Gwen Driscoll
    Ragland Hill Social

  15. What a fantastic post and what a lot of research and work. Thank you so much for ithis. I am determined to have a banquette and really love being able to view so many versions.

  16. We have a Ballard store in Jacksonville and I love it! If a Banquette would work in our tiny dining space, I would have been sold. We did just buy the Rudolph pedestal table from Ballard last week. We got the floor model at 40% off!!!

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