Design Crush: Ryan Korban

I’ve had Ryan Korban’s site bookmarked for months and for one reason or another hadn’t written about him yet, until now. After a weekend of intense de-cluttering, cleaning and organization I came to the conclusion that I need to keep the CRAP out of my life.  I only want valuable, meaningful, beautiful objects in my home and the power to toss/recycle/give away knick knacks that not only clutter my space but my brain as well.  Looking at Ryan’s work I feel a sense of purpose and an extraordinary richness in each object.  He’s edited, but not in a psychotically minimalistic way.  I love his mix of traditional and modern, dark and light, colorful and serene. It’s sort of “boho-riche”(I totally just made that up) -Greenwich Village meets Greenwich, CT.

And did I mention he’s friggin’ 25 years old? Check out his own apartment on The Selby. And be sure to note the orchestral version of the White Stripes “Seven Nation Army” as his background music on his website. The kid is just too cool.

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The new Home Collection from Target has a definite Korban sleekness to it- for WAY less! Loving them all (click each pic for the direct link!)

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  1. Loving his work! The target pieces are great too. I definitely know what you mean about decluttering and trying to avoid bringing in more junk. I’ve been trying that for a few months but some things just seem to multiply (particularly my husband’s stuff)…

  2. oh yeah, he’s on my list of favorites. I was in love when I saw what he did to Alexander Wang’s design studio. That was featured on the Selby, too!

  3. Beautifully done. And he drinks diet coke for breakfast. If he didn’t like “sexy” boys…I would want to marry him. He could bring his fur collection and his grey silk and wrap me like a present.

  4. I love his work. Like you, I’ve had his site bookmarked for a long time and saved a ton of images of his work, but never got around to posting about him. I’m so glad you did! I hadn’t looked at the images in a while and I forgot how gorgeous they were. I love how glamorous his work is!

  5. Umm I think you described his work perfectly. There isn’t a lack of stuff, it’s just that the stuff fits the space, and each thing seems more special because of that. Looveee it.

  6. Great post I am going to go and visit his site. This is a look I think my son would love I am also going to send it to him. You are right , this kid is majorly talented,Kathyseu

  7. I love this post. I agree about having only the most meaningful things in your life. Although it took me a move from a 1300 sq ft bungalow with just me to a 1000 sq ft Boston apartment we me and my now husband to get it done. Necessity is the mother of invention (or decluttering) I guess :)

  8. Love his work. Oh, if I could have been that chic at 25. Not so. I “de-crapped” (is that a word?) my house with the help of a college friend who organizes for a living. It was my 40th birthday present to me! Best $$$ I ever spent. So free and easy now. Everything has a home. Hope you are well.

  9. Aaah! I saw that little silver table in Target tonight and immediately thought, “Oh, yes, you will be mine!”

  10. Another thing,… those hooded chairs, (I know there’s an official design-y name for them but I can’t think of it.) I’m strangely obsessed with them and their (when recovered) neo-victorian vibe. It’s sick. I actually spotted one of them at an auction not long ago but eventhough it was an auction where things can be had cheap, this chair was pricey (especially considering it would have to be recovered.) But really, I want two. And for spending so much money, they’re just so weird. Will I love them ten years from now? Oh, dare to dream.

  11. Love this post and especially the idea of surrounding myself with things I love most . . . I don’t think I really got it until I moved from a massive space into a little bitty European apartment. Everything HAD to be beautiful and functional. It’s amazing what we can actually live without. William Morris said it best “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. “

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