New Digs for EOS!

Last week I decided to make the leap from a home business to one with an honest to goodness office. In February, after some renovations, I will be moving my business into a fabulous studio loft in the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston. Remember this fun place I blogged about before? Yep, I am shacking up with all those talented, funny, awesome people-plus some others who are moving in too!  The creative brain power will probably create it’s own energy source there will be so much of it. And of course, I’m really excited to decorate it!  Right now it looks like a big, screaming mess- but there will be some refurbished and repainted walls and ceiling, a smooth concrete floor and lighting to have as much jumping off point.  Now if only I could decide on what I wanted to do to it! DSC_0001


I am having them leave the walls that have this fabulous textured pattern on them- how cool!


Baxter and Oliver will have to get used to coming to work with Mommy- but I bet they’ll be happy to considering our OTHER furry adorable studio playmate- Oscar!


For lighting I am thinking of hanging 6 of one of these IKEA fixtures:

25083_PE109843_S3 51454_PE151112_S3

Of course, I’ll need tons of storage- naturally I will use lots of IKEA bookshelves which are pretty sleek and affordable:

60190_PE166196_S3 0092718_PE229441_S3

I think I want my desk to be skirted like Michelle Adams’ from Lonny and Rubie Green, but I may just use a few of these elegant but industrial ones as well. Also from IKEA. Of course.

michelleadams1 81685_PE206594_S3

I am certainly going to use these pair of gorgeous cane detailed wingback chairs in there (once I repaint white and re-upholster is something divine!)


I have a feeling I might get to imbibe in my black paint fix in this space- just one wall- maybe in chalkboard paint which is what Jenna Lyons used in her bedroom. That way I could actually use it to remind myself to stay on take because now I have RENT TO PAY. Kind of like this delightful office from Domino:


A couple other office spaces I fancy:

traditional home - marcia cross desk 11663_197664120329_533695329_4505932_1793690_n

7130_150458480329_533695329_3967431_1935240_n 2456


2744445934_be686a2261 3757437564_46f978ea7d

The wall in this office is made entirely out of old magazines- I seriously think I have hoarded enough to replicate this…

01octavilla121609_rect540 06octavilla121609_rect540

celeriekemblesoffice via m-a-belle

3802271249_9ef5f84f7c_o 262080373_kWz3U-L

office - domino shift

I really hope I can be THIS organized too:


I’m off to North Carolina this morning and will be blogging from the road I hope!


  1. Erin- I’m so excited for you! I can’t wait to see this project come together! Oh- and the picture of the cane wingback chairs doesn’t come up.

  2. Congratulations, Erin! Fort Point is awesome, good for you. Love all your ideas…I always find doing something for me/to represent me is alot harder than doing it for someone else…good luck! Can’t wait to see how your new office/studio turns out:)

  3. Congratulations! So exciting! I love the desk you posted but can’t seem to find it at Would you mind send or posting the link? Thanks :) (

  4. Yay! I cannot wait to see the space revamped! Although I’m not going to lie – it looks pretty amazing right now. Love that IKEA desk you picked out – there are so many similar desks in the inspirational office photos you’ve posted. Best of luck, and Merry Christmas!


    p.s. I vote for the round lighting pendant.

  5. Yeah!!! I can’t wait to rope you in to Sportello cupcakes at lunch ;) I have a black chalkboard wall in my old home office now a dinning room. I love it, you should totally do that in there!

  6. Yay!!! I don’t know who’s more excited – me (for having you around every day) or oscar (for having baxter and oliver around every day)!!!! CAN’T WAIT!

  7. wow, amazing, its all happening…can’t wait to come out and visit! let me know if you need a lamp:

  8. Congratulations on taking this big leap! I love those buildings and I’m sure you’ll add some “finish” to the whole look over there. I’ll be sure to pop in and see you once you’re in!

  9. Congratulations! I love your blog and was inspired to start my own recently. Thanks for all the great posts. Have fun decorating your new space!

  10. WOW! Lucky you to get to start with a blank canvas in such an amazing space. I’m SO excited to see what you are going to do with the space. I’ll be wiggling my fingers Mr. Burns-style in anticipation.

  11. Congratulations Erin! I am so excited to see what you do with the space – make sure to keep us in the loop!

  12. Congratualtions! What a great way to start the new year!
    I really I like the first IKEA pendant out of the two.

  13. I am not familiar with boston – but the raw space looked totally awesome! can not wait to what you would come up to renovate it ino a fantastic office!!! and oh, yeah! organization, my forever dream of perfection!!!


  14. How exciting!!! If you get a chance try to watch the movie (if you have not already seen it) ‘I Love You, Man’ with Paul Rudd . The fiancee in the movie (Rashida Jones) plays an interior designer . Her ‘office/shop’ they designed on the movie set features all of the fun things you blog about! It’s worth fast-forwarding (if you don’t want to watch it) to get some inspiration….it’s really cool!
    Good luck with your new adventure :)

  15. Love all this office inspiration! I currently work out of my home- but you are making me think twice about it! Would love to have an office space I can call my own. Definitely post the end results!

  16. can’t wait to see what you do with those velvet cane wingback chairs. please post your progress! i have 2 that are the exact same but in orange. i can’t quite figure out what to do with them, but look forward to using yours as inspiration!

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