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Gift Guide: For Him

Guys are quite hard to buy for.  You can always go the clothing route (more collared shirts and boxers, yay!) or the video game route (Call of Duty:Urban Warfare, yay!) OR you can try your darndest to get something rather clever for him that he wouldn’t ever think he needed or wanted. I hope these few ideas perk up your imagination when buying for the men in your lives!

You can design a custom pair of Chuck Taylors on the Converse website for your hipper than hip fella. Pretty cool.

Picture 14
Picture 15

Another way to create a custom gift is by logging onto the Blank Label site and create a dress shirt made specifically for your guy! Pick collar style, fabric and many other fun details- all for less than $100!

Picture 33
For the guy who likes a stiff cocktail, why not put together a bottle of whisky (I’m obsessed with this Dalmore bottle and packaging) and these whisky stones?  Gives a new, literal meaning to the phrase “on the rocks”. (P.S.-Am I the only person who thought whisky had an “e” in it?)

Picture 16
Picture 18

Have a pair of cuff links made from a map of someplace that means something to him by Chart Metalworks– a very thoughtful and unique gift.

Picture 19
For the guy who’s always fixing things and being handy, this MagWear wristband uses magnets to keep all sorts of nails, screws, etc. in a very handy place (as in not in between the teeth) :)

Picture 20

For the music snob, the “1,000 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die” book, a great pair of headphones and this hilarious mouse pad!

Picture 21
Picture 22
Picture 23

Got an eco-minded guy who needs a little help getting his act together? This gift set is great!

Picture 24
Got a guy who LOVES to sing- but perhaps only in the privacy of his own home- this iKaraoke gadget cracked me up!

Picture 25
Perhaps your dad gets frustrated with the three remotes it takes to watch a DVD? Get him this touch screen all in one remote to make things easier (after YOU program it, of course).

Picture 26
I think this is the perfect guy sweater for winter! And I love a guy in a plaid shirt, Gap has some really great looking ones.

Picture 27
Picture 29

Creed’s Green Irish Tweed is the best smelling mens cologne I’ve ever come across (pricey, but worth it!)

Picture 28
Got a foodie on your hands? Try this cheese sampler from the DELICIOUS Cowgirl Creamery in California!

Picture 30
For your little brother- arm him with this book “How To Carve A Turkey and 99 Other Skills Every Man Should Know”. Ok, maybe your little brother isn’t the only one who needs this….

Picture 31
Coming at you tomorrow and Wednesday, the final two guides- FOR HER and FOR HOME!

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