Tights Are NOT Pants.

OK, this has to be said (and I’ve said it via Facebook before).

Ladies, tights do not qualify as pants. Even if you are Sienna Miller.

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Please, PLEASE only wear them under dresses and skirts that cover your butt. Also, if you are going to rock some leggings, make sure they aren’t see through so that everyone can see the stripes of your Victoria’s Secret underwear through them (or worse). I have seen so many young girls walking around downtown this way this fall and I feel such embarrassment for them and wonder if they perhaps do not own a floor length mirror? It is unflattering and obscene and it need to STOP.

Spread the word.  There is even a website devoted to this cause! I am so tempted to print out the flyers and put them all over Newbury Street!


  1. OMG… I have seen some strange “styles”, but this is not one of them! WHAT was she thinking??!! As far as the leggings go Erin, I dont think its so much lacking a full length mirror as the lighting in the room vs being outdoors…. and most dont have a 3 way mirror. Poor things. Im so embarrased for them!!!

  2. Thank you SO much for this PSA!!!! I cannot believe how many girls think that tights qualify as pants. It’s ridiculous…and P.S. that’s a shirt you’re wearing, NOT a dress!

  3. what on earth is going on up north?? We have a similar problem down south except these women are NOT wearing tights. Consider yourself lucky that there’s a layer of fabric separating you and these women’s unmentionables.

  4. Oh honey this plot was launched long ago but reached epidemic proportions this season. An addendum to your post should include some overall tips on leggings.

    #1 – The people who told plus size gals they could rock some leggings by putting a big shirt or sweater over it LIED. Just stop that nonsense this instant.

    #2 – The people who told pregnant women that leggings with a maternity top is a cute outfit LIED. That’s just wrong.

  5. AMEN! Leggings are similarly not pants.

    I was in Miami over Halloween and noticed that this pantsless trend is really getting out of hand. Shirts aren’t the same as dresses and tights/leggings aren’t the same thing as pants.

    Have we no shame?!?!

  6. Thank you for saying this. I cannot stand the tights look anyway…maybe on a skinny teen ager, but not on some middle aged women who have a problem getting older!
    Well done!

  7. thanks for the public service announcement. if only a magazine would make this more clear to the ladies out there who think they can pull off this look. No matter how awesome your body is, you cannot wear tights as pants. period.

  8. Thank God I’m not the only one who thinks this is hideous! When you are finished in Boston, you can get started in D.C.

  9. Blair Waldorf from gossip girl was the one who made this “tights are not pants” quote so known and loved, but guess what.. in episode 10 of season 3, Blair herself wears tights as pants!!!!! WHAT AN OUTRAGE.

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