Design Crush: Kishani Perera

Picture 36

(why can’t I ever look this cool in photo shoots?)

I was lusting after Molly Sims new office space this weekend and did a little research to find out who designed it. Turns out, it’s Kishani Perera (formerly of Fuse ID design) who has been working with Molly for years (amongst other celebs). I am totally enamored with her laid back Hollywood style- it’s a little vintage, a little glam, a little natural. A wonderful combination in my opinion!

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You can wipe that drool off your keyboard now.

* all images via Kishani’s website. See for credits.


  1. gorgeous. i love the color of that bathroom. do you know the paint color by chance?! i have always wanted to achieve the perfect vignette with a sideboard and accessories. doesn’t come natch to me. hey if you ever want to put on your stilettos and go bike riding i would be happy to shoot you!!

  2. i was reading about molly sims’ office this weekend as well (instyle homes?!) and was wondering who did the gorgeous design. thanks for doing the legwork!! these rooms are so beautiful.

  3. Wow, she is INCREDIBLE! I love that breakfast nook (tufted banquette, yes please!) and the gray kitchen with botanicals (and did you see those amazing stools?!). I think I have a design crush too!

  4. so gorgeous! molly sims’ gray apartment in soho you show a few pics of has inspired me for years and i am finally decorating my new apartment using it as inspiration!

  5. Love!! I especially am drawn to the sort of dark and stormy feel of some the rooms…it’s a nice change from everything being white white white and makes the rooms look so much more decadent in a way…Thanks for sharing!

  6. Yummmmmmmyyyyyyy!!! The two of you together would be a pretty stellar team, because your stuff is at least as good:-)

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