Fashion *Monday*: Fall Shopping

As we approach the end of August I am sad to see summer go, but an so excited to welcome my favorite month in New England, September! Typically dry with some warm summery days and some slightly chillier ones, it’s a great month for weddings, spending time outside and SHOPPING. Fall fashion is my favorite- sweaters, boots, coats-oh my! So here is my shopping list for fall (as of now). My goal is to buy less, but buy better. Only purchasing things I absolutely love and know I’ll wear for years. What will you be investing in this season?

Sweaters- cozy cardigans, sweater dresses and layering pieces meant for chilly days

Boots- I love the comfort of cowboy boots, but some sleek booties and tall heeled boots are a must too.

Dark skinny jeans made for wearing under said boots. Madewell’s fit really well and are under $90.

Fitted blazers in wool and velvets for wearing over cami’s or print tee’s with long layers necklaces.

Vintage inspired jewels (pearls, gems, gold, ribbons)

A messenger bag (THE bag of fall 09)

A plaid shirt with some feminine details

Ruffles. Like these. And these.

Brown leather jacket

Silky colored camis for layering with sweaters

A faux fur vest (or have one of my hand me down minks made into a vest!)

Maybe this whole dang outfit. Love the whole combo- tights, paisley mini dress, belt, cardi, booties. THIS is what i want to wear in Paris!

**card made here.


  1. I love fall clothes and now that we are in Charlotte it is hard to wait until October-November to break them out. Great preview! I have a messenger bag from a few seasons ago, might pull that out.

  2. Lots of great ideas for fall shopping. Love the two luxe messenger bags.

    Check out the fall decorating issue of Martha Stewart Living for a beautiful feature on John Derian's Provincetown home.

  3. oh, fall is my favorite time of year too…although down here in Tennessee we don't seem to get cooler until Octover now…Thanks for the jeans…I've been searching bc I just got a new pair of boots from Sheplers (see post on my blog) Love the necklaces too!

  4. Wonderful list and choices! I am on the hunt for the perfect pair of buttery flat-heeled equestrian boots and a great pair of gray suede booties. My husband saw me perusing some online and could not comprehend why I would buy them now, during a heat wave. Men just don't understand these things!

  5. I agree with you, Fall is fun to dress in.

    I have to admit that I've come to a point in my life where year-to-year trends are not really a priority for me.

    I spent years working with very well heeled women and was amazed by the longevity of their wardrobes. Items were purchased and stayed in the closet for decades. When the day comes where I don't need to buy anything to get through a season, I'll consider that a victory.

    But since I'm not quite there yet….

    I'm a sucker for a great cardigan and that DKNY is lovely, it might find it's way into my closet this year. New sunglasses, a new bag for day, black loafers (I don't wear a heel over 2 inches), a new white shirt. Maybe a new scarf or two.

  6. Love, love, love fall clothes!

    I am currently on the search for a cute pair of chunky-heeled boots for fall!

  7. I obsess over boots every fall/winter. I do have awhile though, stays very hot in Georgia!

  8. I am dying over that last outfit. It is so great! I have a pattern for a similar style dress and might make my own version of this paisley one. Making my own dresses has brought lots of satisfaction and savings. Just a hint! :)

  9. Oh! and another idea for cross-body/messenger bags and boots…vintage stores and garage sales! I've gotten some great deals. :)

  10. Love all your picks. Love the ruffles ( they actually add to the area where I need the most help!* Boobs* !I have none after nursing 5 kids).
    Love the idea about making the hand me down mink into a vest. I inherited my mother in-laws mink coat. The only problem is she was 5'1" and I am 5'6"! Never fit and has sat in my closet for over 13 years!
    Keep the great ideas coming!

  11. Great post- I want it all! But seriously, def investing in a bf blazer, boots (Fryes and new Uggs!), and some cozy sweaters too. :)

  12. You're lucky to actually have a fall. I'm in Florida, and we only get a smoldering hot summer and than a mildlier less hot winter…Summer just runs right through fall :(

  13. just made my fall shopping list this weekend, on an plane! the guy next to me had no idea elle was so educational. until i schooled him. i'm feeling the plaid shirts and cowboy boots with dark jeans. makes me want to make out with ralph lauren a little bit. and if i don't get myself some motocross jeans soon, the universe will have some explaining to do.

  14. Great list — you've hit a lot of my own "must have's", too. I'm also going to brave some of the great rocker-chic looks that popped up all over the runway. Lots of studs, black, etc., but with a feminine twist!

  15. Hand-me-down minks! Lucky lady.

    I adore your blog (as well as your new fall shopping mantra!). Glad I found you.


  16. great fall preview! alas, we do not have seasons where i live–something i sorely miss (fall is my favorite!)
    if i was in a fall climate, i'd love to get my hands on that faux fur vest. and maybe some more boots like the ones here….

  17. Wow, I LOVE your picks! I am needing to buy new high-heel boots – in black & brown – this season.

  18. Love your shopping list! Having been to Paris a few times, I can tell you that outfit will fit in beautifully! Someone may even ask you for directions.

  19. I totally agree about the messenger bag! In addition, Madewell jeans are actually really great for the price. I am a designer jeans gal normally, but am never disappointed with Madewell's denim.

  20. i love that plaid is back! [check out my blog for a darling girl wearing a great plaid dress –] shameless plug.
    i too will invest in the perfect sweater – perfect jeans and a great pair of boots. always on the hunt for those. love the messenger bag as well. i'm so ready for fall.

  21. I love the vintage look accessories! I have been wearing them for a long time and love checking out Etsy for one a kind versions at very similar prices (or better) than the chain stores!

  22. Erin, I feel like you read my mind! I was just thinking about making a list of a few quality items for Fall…now I can just refer to yours! Also, i love the "buy less, buy better" mantra! Great choices!

  23. i think i want to invest in a pair of flat brown boots. that way when i'm momming-out, i still feel sassy.

  24. I've been whining about summer ending constantly lately, but your post has gotten me excited for fall instead of dreading the weather changes. :)

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