Equestrian Chic with Badgley Mischka

As you may notice, this is not fashion. Fashion Friday is going to be Fashion Monday this week because frankly, I was a bit over-served last night and if I even try to think too hard about anything I fear my head might explode all over my computer. I had this post lined up for next week and instead am gonna flip flop and post my shopping list for fall on Monday!

But there is a fashion element to this! The Kentucky horse farm belonging to the design duo behind Badgley Mischka featured in Elle Decor this month sent me on a “I wanna live in the country” tailspin (well, ideally I would live in the city M-F and the country weekends and holidays, but I digress.) I am loving amazing details of the house itself, but what really seals the deal is the oh-so-chic black barn! It’s amazing how black paint (like a black dress) can make anything look better!

The house is really a study in neutrals and black. Tons of layered textures, but all within this palette. I tend to go for really colorful things, but this space appeals to me intensley!

In the casual dining nook more black paint- it looks so incredibly understated but yet dramatic.

More layering of textures within the palette- glossy brass, clear cystal, black leather,
rich woods, woven neutrals…

A simple low slung wood bed capped off with the luxurious leather bench and monogrammed linens looks fresh but timeless.

That stack of Louis trunks- yes, please.

One of my favorite rooms is this guest bedroom below left with it’s subtle pink walls, monogrammed chair and glossy black dresser fitted with chunky crystal knobs. This room screams “fashion” to me.

The kitchen is a classic beauty- subway, brass bin pulls and marble and granite tops (notice the smart flip flop of finishes- carerra on black cabinets, black granite on white cabinets)

A little sweet tea on the porch would do just fine…

Get the look for less with items like these:

Expedition leather trunk and nailhead dining chairs from Pottery Barn:

Black pedestal table and horse figurine from Ballard Designs.

Preppy wool blankets form Pendelton:

Saddle brown leather ottoman from Overstock.com

A tufted roll arm sofa from Mitchell Gold:

Unlacquered brass bin pulls from Rejuvenation and a glass shade pendant from Sundance Catalog.

Crystal Chandelier from Golden Age USA($664) or GreatChandeliers.com ($179!)

And just to tie it all together- for pre-fall 09 and fall RTW 09 the duo did happen to show a whole lotta black, just like this space!


  1. love…so stylish. i adore the color coordination in the kitchen- who has that discipline w/ cookbooks?? not i! have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Erin! I've seen these images around the blogosphere this week, but as always, you're post takes it one step further. By breaking down the elements of design, I feel like I learn how to get the look at home which I love! Great job and happy weekend!!

  3. Straight Hot. I dig it. It's also so timely:

    I just hung a 6 arm Williamsburg brass chandelier in the living room and ordered matte black paper chandelier shades with white lining because I was worried about the gold leafe and brass clashing. But then here in their breakfast room ti works – is it because of the crystals or the antiqued brass fixture?

    Thoughts? Should I stick with the black shades/white lining?

    Thanks Erin – love your blog!

  4. I really loved that article. I live in a Dutch Colonial in Concord, MA with a Black and Cream decor. Great job showing how to get the look for less. Cause ya know there ain't nothing for less in BM's(not poop but ya know Bagley Mischka's)shoot. I love how you tied the fashion in too. Those dresses are to die.

  5. i also did a post on this stunning badgley mischka residence! love it! but i agree with pink-to-green, i enjoyed reading your suggestions on how to achieve the look…nice blog :)

  6. terrific!
    i really like the black walls (library)..and that chest of drawers w/ glass knobs.
    what a great post, the way you've paired interiors with fashion.

  7. One more thought: It looks like their nightstands are the Ballard drape table with burlap fringe cloth

  8. This was one of my favorite spreads that Elle Decor has ever done. I just love this house!! I'm with you too, I usually go for alot of color, but there is just something about this space that makes me want to re-do my house to look just like it :)

  9. Badgley Mischka has recently become one of my favorite designers! I just love seeing how apparel designers do their homes! I think I'd take Jenna Lyons brooklyn apt for the week and this country home for the weekends!

  10. I am so in love with this house! I love their monogrammed shams, the library/dining room, guest bed/bath, and kitchen. So gorgeous!

  11. Erin, what a fabulous post and that normal sigh moment you get when you can't image the budget, you gave some alternatives! Well done!

  12. Beautiful! I hail from the Bluegrass state and am proud that this fashionable duo also loves and lives (at least part of the time) in Kentucky. What a stunning example of a nicely appointed country home. Great post!

  13. love. love. the black paint is fabulous! so……what in your opinion is the perfect couch?!

  14. To be honest, coming from a hunt country backround and a horsey-show jumper family, the house lacked all the elements I love of these places usually but it was refreshing somehow in that way. Though the honking huge mono's do nothing for me.

    You choices however, were lovely, thank you for doing the legwork.

  15. Absolutely a great post.!! Everything is looking sooo stylish and beautiful in this post. Lots of inspirations are here.. Just LOVE all the furniture and home decoration.

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