Expedit Love.

The IKEA Expedit bookshelf is one of my favorite items to use in designing a home. I have one in my own office (the green room below) and I love how each cubby can be left open for books or binders or be filled with a drawer or basket to conceal clutter. I spec this item all the time in both small condos or apartments to big million dollar homes- they are sturdy, clean, great design that blends in with traditional or modern decor and is easy to make your own…

You can attached particle board or foam core to the back covered in a wallpaper or paint or perhaps put one up on a console table (be sure to attach it to the wall somehow!)

It makes an excellent see through room divider…

It’s the most perfect storage unit for children’s rooms and nurseries…

and offices…

This entire wall was crafted from various sizes of Expedit shelves! Amazing!

My set-designer cousin Mark used stacks of them to dress up Stacy London’s set last year- and filled them with shoes! LOVE!

The Expedit come sin three finishes and various styles and sizes to suit your needs. I am loving the new “uneven” shelving unit below:

This workstation is genius for creating the maximum amount of storage and workspace in a small area.

They’ve started making Tv units, coffee tables and side tables that match and I think their clean leans are very chic and modern:

images via IKEA, Domino, Flickr, Apartment Therapy


  1. Your blog is fantastic. Thanks for all the great ideas you put out there for those of us completely boggled by design!

  2. All these books…I feel so spoiled. You've really got me thinking about using Expedit shelving in my new place. I have so many books and it looks like they would be quite happy on that shelving.

  3. I love these, I think I might have to get one for my craft area.

    I am in a fight with Ikea though. I was planning a trip there this weekend to get some more kitchen bookcase storage items, and they discontinued all three things I need! Ugg, so frustrating

  4. I need one of these- thanks for doing my leg work for me! you don't want to see a before picture of my office at the moment :)

  5. i'm so inspired by this post! would have never thought to back the shelves with particle board and wallpaper. such a great idea! thanks for sharing.


  6. I have always loved the look of these but have held off on buying them because I've heard they are a nightmare to assemble. Thoughts?

  7. I actually wanted one of these for my office but when I was looking I only found white, and I really wanted black. I LOVE these shelving units though!

  8. A lot of crafters use these in their crafting space! But I love seeing this post on using the Expedit in a more polished way! Thank you! Looks like such a good piece for a baby room…..

  9. I really do love ikea furniture. It is inexpensive which is always a plus but you can do SO much with the pieces! I have two white bedside tables and a coffee table that I am going to paint them different colors to add some color into my room. This bookcase (or whatever you want to make of it) looks great in all the pictures you showed! Thanks!

  10. i love these! they'd make perfect solutions for most of my storage issues. if only i could get them…shipping cost/hassle would be prohibitive. *big sigh*

    great pics here, very inspiring…(maybe i can get my husband to build some similar-looking shelves…)

  11. I love what you've done with yours. It is wallpaper right? well, it looks great against that lovely shade of green.

    They are amazing, I had one custom made for my bedroom and I simply can't get enough of it, I enjoy re-aranging stuff all the time…

    great post! xo

  12. The second photo is actual west elm's Rolling Storage. I like it better than Expedit because it has the thickness of the shelves is the same as the frame where the IKEA bookcase has a much thinner shelf profile. west elm also has no visible hardware which is a nice touch.

  13. My absolute favorite from Ikea! I love when I spot it in magazines or on TV – its such a versatile piece, I see it everywhere. I love the way it looks on top of the console table, such a great idea!

  14. I LOVE my Expedit bookshelf! I have a dark brown one in my home office and it's perfect. I bought some lights (also from IKEA) that attach to the top that shine down on my books and objects. The lighting really helps to pull everything together. AND Target has some wicker baskets that fit perfectly in the squares!

  15. You are a lifesaver. I've been searching high and low for a backless shelf for books and baskets. Fingers crossed that there isn't a run on the Stoughton IKEA. You don't know your own power!

  16. The uneven shelving is really cool :) I also really like the photo showing them used as a room divider.

  17. Very cool to see this the day after I bought the 8-cube expedit in white from the Stoughton Ikea… my first ever Ikea trip! It's going on its side in my daughter's room so she can reach everything on the shelves.

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