InspirationMay 4, 2009


I was busy real estalking this morning as an attempt to avoid my heinously long to-do list.
That’s just how I roll.
Anyways, I was searching in Hingham,MA, a shore town my hubby would love to move to but I would break out in hives being that far from the city. Why was I searching there, then? To torture myself with the reasonable (for this area) real estate prices and classic new england architecture that sends me into a tizzy! Yes, I know I have problems.
Anyways, the second I saw this house I turned into Cher Horowitz and screamed “Makeover!!!!”– this place is the perfect renovation project. A to-die-for Royal Barry Willis home that for some reason has been vacant and left neglacted for years. It has such unbelievably gorgeous bones and is on such an immense lot- oh, and look at the mural on the wall in the dining room and the fireplace in the kitchen! I DIE!!!! (MLS #70841169 if you’re interested.)
Granted, yes, it’s a hot mess with water damage, rats and rot, no doubt. But it’s like a gorgeously adorable puppy at the pound- even if he has fleas and an attitude problem, you just have to have him! The potential is making me writhe with creativity!
*Sigh*- if only I could get over my fear of the burbs.
Am going to now await the e-mail from my husband begging me to buy this….5,4,3,2,1…..

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