I Want to Go To There: ACK

Right about now I’d love to be spending time at a shingled, tiny, rose covered Nantucket cottage- spending my days trolling the town and beaches on a bike with a wicker basket and nights with friends on a porch. I love the aesthetic of Nantucket, especially once the warm weather hits. It makes me want to revert to my uber-preppy days of Lilly and grosgrain trimmed everything…

I’ve always adored the cover of this book an Nantucket’s architecture- my dad has had it on his coffee table for years!

Even the birdhouses are architectural gems. And probably cost more than my condo.

The perfect ending to a summer day in Nantucket in pictures:

And I’d be wearing this:


Nantucket by elementsofstyleblog featuring Hurley shorts

Gladly welcoming invitations…. :)

20 Responses to “I Want to Go To There: ACK”

  1. Hillary says:

    Just great memories came back upon seeing the photos.

    While not Nantucket, a more afforable option is Chatham (my old stomping grounds). Clearly the quaintest of the Cape Cod villages with some of the best shopping, it is a great weekend trip.

    I used to work at the Chatham Bars Inn during the summer. Even if the room rates’s price tag is a bit pricey during the peak season, the restaurants, gardens, and new spa are open to all.

  2. Jenny B. says:

    I have nothing but great memories of my trip to Nantucket, too. I keep swearing to go back, but haven’t yet made it.

    Perhaps we’ll throw it in the mix of places to consider for my husband’s and my anniversary.

  3. Kwana says:

    I’d love a rose covered shack of my own to escape to.

  4. Rali says:

    Wow, I love all these images. These little rose covered cottages are just amazing. Now I can start day-dreaming and wishing I wasn’t in my cubicle but sipping organic lemonade on the porch of one of those Nantucket cottages.

    This post is perfect timing as I needed some inspiration for our landscaping work. I was actually thinking the other day when you did the post for the BH Garden Tour that I would love to go on a tour of the nicest Nantucket houses. So if you hear about that tour coming soon, call me :)

  5. sashyjane says:

    hahaha love the title of this post.

    these are GORGEOUS! i’m pining away…

  6. Rachel says:

    I’m a sucker for shingles too! I am fairly new to blogging and just have to say that I LOVE your blog. It is definitely one of my favorites. I like how all of your design posts have a personal touch to them… it is what gets people hooked! And is even more interesting than reading a magazine. I am a fellow designer in Nashville, TN and have just gone out on my own and started a blog as well: http://www.nestegg.typepad.com
    Thanks for inspiring!
    Rachel H

  7. rustic rooster interiors says:

    Thank you so much for your BLOG. I’ve really been enjoying it! I’m a southern California Interior Designer and store owner . . . Who is trying to bring the East Coast to the West Coast. Having a great time doing it! I enjoy your style very much! Thanks! Please keep up the posts . . .

    This Blog hits home . . . I too worked a summer on the Cape at CBI, my brother went to Boston College, my cousins live in Greenwich, aunt and uncle in marblehead and I went to Nantucket every free moment I got. The cottages are to die for. When and if we can sell our condo I will be building a nantucket cottage! One day . . . Have to wait till the houseing market here in California gets a little better!
    Thanks again great BLOG today!
    XOXO, Alexandra

  8. Mimi says:

    Right on, Sashyjane! I love the title of this post too… ;)

    I’m actually creating something similar in my backyard, since my husband and I don’t have time to get away much…although I’ve called it my little chateau. Going to use these photos as inspiration to paint the exterior of my little nest. Thanks!

  9. Sarah says:

    This sounds so, so wonderful. I’ve never been but would love to go. Beautiful images.

  10. Lisa says:

    I am accepting your lovely invitation!
    What a charming post about a charming place. Thanks for taking me on a wonderful tour. I love the added suggestions for attire & dining. You are a great little travel agent my dear!
    Take Care.

  11. ivansbabe says:

    So pretty! It’s not exactly the same but I just got back from Cannon Beach, OR and they have a few little (and not so little) beach houses that are also so cute. I adore the beach, especially at sunset. Thanks for the lovely pictures this morning!

  12. The Beauty File says:

    Amazing! My husband and I had a wedding in Hyannis last summer & stayed in Chatham. Everything up there is so sweet, cozy & laid back cool. I long for that long strip of beach to walk on right now!

  13. ZenadiaDesign says:

    Beautiful images and such a cute outfit! I totally need you as my stylist. You should add that to your services. =)

  14. Jenn says:

    OMG. I’m pretty sure I’ll be completely unproductive all afternoon after reading this post. That is the ONLY place I want to be right now! :)

  15. Marla says:

    Well, Erin, consider this an invitation to stay in our rose covered cottage in Nantucket any time you would like! It is located right in town on the ocean … I know you would love and appreciate the interiors. You could even blog on the cottage all while sitting on the front lawn watching the sail boats come in.

  16. Laura says:

    what a great collection of wares… good eye. the insipiration’s not too bad either.

  17. ellen says:

    i went last summer for the first time and loved it! the striped lighthouse was my favorite part. oh yeah, and the ice cream. :)

  18. Down Comforter says:

    I’ve never been to Nantucket, but these photos definitely make me want to visit :)

  19. simply seleta says:

    Oh wow. This was such an escape. And you even gave us a pretty outfit to see!


  20. The Lil Bee says:

    Oh my gosh…so sweet! And really, what else do you need? Adorable.