And I Thought I Was Busy: Linda Banks/Banks Design Associates

A fantastic new client of mine handed me this magazine yesterday, Maine Home + Design. I’ve looked at it a few times when going through my dad’s massive stack of magazine subscriptions on visits home, but have yet to subscribe. Consider me subscribed. I loved this cover from the May issue and wanted to learn more about the space. Turns out, it’s the residence of Linda Banks, ASID of Banks Design Associates. It’s such a great combination of classic New England shoreline aesthetics blended with a modern kick. I especially love the white woodwork ont he walls and the blue ceiling, it’s a great way to add a dash of the unexpected without looking like your trying to be unexpected! As I found out by researching a bit, Linda is the most impressive Jane of All Trades- she runs her interior design and architecture firm AND an incredible looking shop called Simply Home in Falmouth, Maine.

Here is Linda’s home from the magazine:

Exterior before, a non descript ranch home:

Bam! The after shot:

Other projects by Linda:

I cannot get enough of the tent looking draperies on the angled ceiling below left- sheer genius!

Linda’s architecture work:

How can one woman do so much? I salute you, Linda Banks!


  1. I am so glad to know about her work now, thanks! Wouldn’t you love to have your office in that carriage house? I would. Her style is right up my alley. Great post.

  2. I am speechless. Her house is amazing. And I love her style, it’s flawless. Thanks for the post, I’m now going to look at all the photos again.

  3. Wow that vaulted ceiling is amazing. I love how she blends the architectural details with simple decor. Gorgeous!

  4. I have a Renovation Style magazine fro 97-98? that showcased one of Linda’s waterfront homes. The breezeway picture you show came from that article. I have tried to copy certain rooms and a stone fireplace when I built my home in the Boston area. I have not seen anything from Linda that is not beautiful. I need to win the lottery!

  5. Her home is simply lovely. I adore the pale blue ceilings paired with the white paneled walls. The blue & white kitchen is always amazing.

    Her house (particularly the kitchen) actually reminds me a lot of a beach house in Quogue NY decorated by Sherrill Canet ( — go to "Beach Music" in her portfolio and click through).

  6. You are killing me! These are the most beautiful shots! Now I have a new person to internet stalk :)

  7. You are killing me! These are so gorgeous! Now I have a new person to internet stalk :)

  8. Fabulous!!! I live in Maine, and her shop in Falmouth, Maine (about 5 minutes north of Portland)is also fabulous – full of really beautiful pieces.

  9. I love all the windows…and the decor of the spaces are so fresh and crisp. They’re all perfect beach houses.

  10. Wow! These spaces are incredible. I’m going to look up that magazine now too! Thanks for the tip. BTW, is it fair that one person be THAT talented! lol….

  11. I love the color schemes for all of them. I especially love the wainscoting in the photos, I just redid my powder room and we did wainscoting and I am having a very hard time deciding what color to paint above it! Pastel blue/pastel green/something in the middle! ack!

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    I lived in Maine during the good ole 80s…my high school years & to this day may people think its all rural & whoopie pies.
    There's so much more.

  13. Does it provide the rug source in picture #35 (the one showing part of the banister and the transom window with just a wee glimpse of a rug?)

  14. Absolutely beautiful photos! Thank you for introducing me to Linda and Maine Home magazine.

  15. I LOVE the posting you did on this wonderfully talented woman…who I am proud to say is my big sister :-) She is an amazing inspiration, creatively, but a bigger inspiration as my older sis!


  16. i’m laughing because i scrolled through all these comments and couldn’t wait to sign my name, since i’m linda’s sister, and saw kimberly’s comment, which would have been pretty much the same as mine since we’re both kim and both linda’s sisters! (no – our parents weren’t crazy naming us both kim – we’re technically step-sisters!) great post. you nailed it! enjoyed visiting your blog :-)

    kim banks

  17. I have worked with Linda on various projects over the last 20 years and found her to be as amazing and original as her projects.

  18. How lovely to hear from Linda’s family!!! You are lucky to have such a talent as a relative! :)

  19. WOW, her work is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, another mag to add to the pile, love it! Happy Weekend Erin : )

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