Happiness is: Bright Doors

You know I have a thing for front doors. Well, I am feeling under the weather and think this grouping of bold, bright doors may be just the thing to lift my spirits. Starting with the happiest door of them all- the big, double orange lovelies that lead to The Parker Palm Springs a.k.a Heaven On Earth. Seriously. Save your pennies, people, it’s like Disneyland for grown ups.

pictures via Flickr and my own camera.


  1. I love doors to, but my husband loves them even more..the things he comes up with…oh my.

  2. You really should do the book, Erin. I’d buy it for myself and give it to all my friends, too. I hope you’ll do “best of Boston” though. Swoon. xoxo

  3. I drove by a house today that had a beautiful orange door, but now I can’t remember where it was! I may retrace my route because I would love to get a picture. To top it all off: the door had a perfect round brass knocker.

    I just remembered where it is! I will email you a picture when I take it.

  4. We have a sunny yellow colonial that came with a boring blue door when we purchased it. I spent months obsessing over the perfect hue for our door. I would drive around looking at every door. Finally I found the most gorgeous shade of GRASS GREEN on a house the same color as ours. I knocked on the door (I said I was obsessed..) and asked the family what the color name was…instead they ran to the basement and handed me the can of paint to keep!! SO good. And now my house is smiles. The neighbors can’t stand the happy door….and I feel sad for them.

  5. I am planning on having the front door re-painted but cannot find the perfect color for the best impact.. I have a bubble awning on the front palladian (sp) window that is maroon with cream trim, brink on house is a pinkish color looks weathered a bit (on purpose) and the front door is maroon/wine.. I want a darker, richer color..any ideas??? anyone??? I LOVE the color “raisin” at Sherwin Williams… may be too dark.. the quest is on!

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