Cottage Envy

God, I miss Cottage Living.
I was flipping through the back issues I’d saved this weekend and felt a big ol’ tear about ready to form…. I loved than damn publication! Looking through those old issues combined with the warm sunny weather and green things popping up in my mini-garden made me want a cottage. But I want one close enough to the city that I can still do stuff.
But I also want to be near water.
And I want it to be a bungalow with good bones.
And it has to be under half a million bucks.
Hmmmm, somehow I think if I typed those parameters into MLS a pop up would flash on screen with the words “you are a delusional idiot”. So instead I played my favorite self-torture game- looking at real estate where it’s actually affordable. In places like the Carolinas, Texas, Georgia, Alabama…where you can get a perfectly adorable bungalow cottage for a reasonable price and places there is probably no chance I’ll move to! I spent two hours this weekend doing that, and I HIGHLY recommend it if you want to depress the hell out of yourself. :)
Anyways, some yummy images from Cottage Living, may she rest in peace (and resurface when this economy decides to leave us alone.)


  1. I miss Cottage Living too….I just don’t seem to get as excited about checking the stack of mail on my table at the end of the day anymore. It was like being invited to someone’s house who you KNOW will have a beautiful home and you can’t wait to see it. That’s a big deal to me because I find that I’m usually disappointed by people’s homes – there, I said it! I know it sounds terrible, but I’m just being honest. Am I the only person who feels that way?

  2. ME TOO! Seriously, that was the one magazine I just COULD NOT WAIT to receive in the mail each month. Sigh…

  3. These are some of my favorite pictures. The one with the kelly green headboard was the inspiration for mine…they had such great stuff- so sad!

  4. Oh Erin, I’ve been doing the same thing too… looking at 4 years worth of spring issues to get inspired for new home and garden projects. I’m so glad I have all of them… it was my favorite.

  5. oh and i must answer Sam–
    i am a complete house stalker but like you too, i only like it if they are decorated to my liking. 99% of the time i am seriously disppointed. all the homes around here a french country styled (and not it the good way–cheap toile and “french” themed stuff everywhere) or tuscan style–bad faux painting and loads of cheap iron junk. i truly like seeing the houses that are being re-done BEFORE people move in and ruin it with their furnishings.

  6. Me too, and haven’t really found another rag that compares. That Tia Zolden pic is my inspiration, as well as the green headboard and the list goes on…..

  7. I miss Cottage Living so much too! I find myself looking back through my old, dog-eared magazines all the time. I love the lavender room from the 2006 Idea House, it is one of my favorites.

  8. Oh, I so miss Cottage Living! What a great magazine! I look at real estate listings too, and I agree that often the inside is really dissappointing compared to the outside. But then you can imagine all of the ways you can change it!

  9. I am boo hooing down in Dallas. I miss Cottage Living too. Somehow it just doesn’t seem fair that all the great mags are folding. Who makes these decisions. You found some of my all time favorite rooms. Yes, I do love the lavender room.

  10. Ok. I know nothing about Cottage Living, but you have just made me LOL over the 2 hrs spent looking at your dream house in a more affordable town. I thought I was the only one with this torturous hobby. Nice to find a like-minded soul. oh, and i love your blog!

  11. It’s like a Cottage Living greatest hits! If it makes you feel any better, here in my intown Atlanta bungalow, I’ve been watching the ceiling in my bedroom leak all week because something is wrong with our air conditioner…

  12. I also miss Cottage Living more than I can say! That mag was refreshing with relatively accessible styles represented.
    And, I do the same thing with the MLS online. But, I lived for several years in Texas and, while our house there was bigger and "more grand," I disliked the cultural environment and the constant intense heat. I'm back in NE and loving it! Our house is smaller, but gorgeous with character, large yard, woods and seasons! I would never go back south.

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