1. Great article – and fantastic pics of your spaces!!

    I don’t normally “advertise” our posts, but I noticed your use of zebra print… my blogging partner, Kelly, LOVES zebra and recently wrote a post about it. I’m going to direct her over to your blog to check out your spaces, but why not venture over our way to see her Zebra post? here’s a direct link: http://design-ties.blogspot.com/2009/03/black-with-white-stripes-or-white-with.html#comments

    Victoria from EdinDesigns @ DesignTies

  2. You are a material girl, my kind of material girl!
    Love your home each time I see it, makes me want to light a match, kaboom. Now, check on my blog today as today is a fab friday giveaway!

  3. Hey, I found your blog via the Material Girls post (via Jessica Claire….) and I looooove your home! You have a great eye!

    I’d like to add you to my blog roll :) Stop by sometime and see if maybe you’d like to add me to yours!

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