Stop and Stare

I was walking to yoga in the snow yesterday and stopped dead in my tracks in front of the Thos. Moser storefront to gander at this table. In person, the Bremen table is truly stunning- a very simple pedestal table crafted out of cherry (or walnut) and given a modern edge with it’s beveled base. For someone who likes the look of the Saarinen Tulip table but finds it too modern and cold, this would be a great (expensive) option!


  1. Hi, glad you liked Tom Moser’s Bremen Table. It’s received a lot of favorable comments from customers and passers-by.

    Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers is known for its cherry, but we’re showcasing this piece in walnut (my personal favorite wood). It is available in either of these woods in a 60″ or 72″ diameter.

    Presently we’re offering free white glove delivery on all orders through the end of March. This can represent a savings of up to 12% on shipments throughout the lower 48.

  2. Another source for *gorgeous* custom made furniture is the New Hampshire Furniture Masters. These men (and one woman at present :-> ) create studio furniture in a host of styles. Working with the masters is a great way to get a unique piece that suits your needs, and space, exactly. We own a number of works by various masters and we love them!

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