Fashion Friday: Itty Bitty Boho Bikini

In a mere 6 weeks I will be in Turks and Caicos for my brother’s wedding (cue clapping and jumping up and down). We’ll be there a week with my family and I simply cannot wait to get out of this frozen tundra I call home and sit on a beach with some magazines, a fruity cocktail and the sun beating down on me! In preparation (and partial torture) I have begun looking for a cute new bikini for the trip- so I thought I’d share my favorites!

Victoria’s Secret always delivers when it comes to a variety of beach fashion- this year I am very into the whole “boho chic” thing, even in swimwear. I think this first one will be the one I get for my trip, I love the indian inspired print and the hardware details…but then again, I do love me some ikat, especially in olive, pink and orange! I am loving all of these below….

I adore all three of these from BeachBliss– the neopoliatain stripes would look amazing on bronzed skin, the graphic Trina Turk just ROCKS and the Vitamin A ring bottom with graphic top is a look I think I may have to rock….

Canyon Beachwear has some fantastic options in ikat, ombre stripes and boho prints….

Saks has some high fashion options from Cosabella, Pucci and Burberry…

Target’s gotten in the game with lots of cute suits (more in the store than I saw on line). Hello zebra print!

Mix and match at Old Navy for very little money…

If I were to do a one piece, I really like these- the yellow and navy Juicy gives me pause about odd tan lines, but I love the print! The red Victoria’s Secret is very retro-glamazon- I’d want to wear heels and huge Jackie O glasses with it. The last one from Anthropologie has such a cool waist detail, I’d feel like I was in a dress (albeit, a bottomless dress…)

Who wouldn’t LOVE to lay down on the sand atop this adorable Milly beach towel complete with pillow???


  1. LOVE your husband weighing in on this — how adorable! If I still had a body like these pictures (when I was 17), I would bypass the bikini all together and go naked. You’d be shocked to see what you shop for after three kids! xoxo

  2. Are you kidding me with that backless one-piece?! Maybe if you were going to whore island?

    Not on my sister!! ;)


    By the way, this is my first post on your blog and I really hope this does not become habitual because I feel like a huge loser as I write this.

    Congrats on 50,000 hits last month!!

  3. Mike, I am falling over laughing…I didn’t even realizes the back might be a bit…bare. Was preoccupied with the fabric (of course).

  4. Great taste in suits! In fact you posted about a black Vitamin A one piece which I stalked for months and found for 75% off orig. price. Anyway, thanks from me, it’s beautiful. So I say go for the Vitamin A or the Beach Bliss suits…so pretty.

  5. I always love Victoria’s Secret swimwear. That’s usually where I buy mine. Great choices and am so excited you get to go on a tropical vacation!! Congrats to your brother too, that should be so much fun!

  6. The maillot has been hot for the past two season, a good idea to get one for versatility. However, you know where you can get fantastic bikinis, Original Penguin. One of my favourites is from there and is reversible!

  7. Awesome picks, Erin! I've never bought any of VS's bikinis, but those look worth it. Turks & Caicos is divine–you will love it. :)
    On a side note, I ADORE the Milly Cabana line and was psyched to find the cutest beach coverup when I was on vacation last month. I'm already planning lots of beach excursions this summer so I get more wear out out of it.

  8. I normally go for bikinis, but the retro looks are killer!! I might have to grab those last two!!

  9. I love all of the Victoria Secret choices and the ones from Beach Bliss, especially the striped one. With the spring approaching I have been browsing bathing suits as well and this post is great help. Whichever one you pick I am sure you will look great and have an awesome time in Turks & Caicos.
    On a separate note – can you please do a post one upcoming Friday on new denim trends and which ones are your favorite styles.

  10. Wow wish I could wear those. Are you in CT or MA. I am a designer in CA but lived in CT for 18 years.

  11. Ah, the VS swimsuits- I love the blue one on the dark-haired woman. I shopped around online at VS not too long ago and didn’t see any I liked. However, I’m now obsessed with the blue bikini. How did I not see that one?! Thanks! =)

  12. This section is great! I intern at Trina Turk and it is always exciting to see her designs featured!! Ps. I have one of her bathing suits and they are awesome ;)

  13. Man…those WERE the days when I bought my bikinis at VS…they are all great and you would look fab in any of them!
    Have a great time!

  14. Sigh, if only, if only I had the figure for them. eeek!

    bathing suit choices are so lousy here in Marrakech. I always have to rush to Bloomingdales to try and find a suit when I am back home.

  15. I just love these! I just bought a fabulous full piece now that I am a mommy and all and will be running after a little one on the beach, not wanting any “bits” to fall out. But I did not sacrifice style and found a cute brazilian cut full piece at “Everything But Water” which is in the Burlington Mall. It covers my tummy and kinda pulls my but right up! Wonderful!

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