Dream A Little Dream

My husband sent me the link to this resort on the Seychelles called North Island last Friday and I literally almost dropped my afternoon coffee while perusing the website. I had to share, on this gloomy Boston morning- even though I cry a little when I look at the photos. Woe is NOT me however, since I’ll be in the Turks & Caicos in a mere two weeks and could not be more thrilled. In the meantime I’ll try to get in an island state of mind by obsessing over the gorgeousness of the design of this hotel (oh, and the views)…

Turquoise and orange towels? Hello….

The villas are incredible, as they should be for the jaw dropping price that they charge (I warn you, don’t look, it’s really terrifying- although maybe they’ll deal now).
Open aired and the perfect blend of simplicity, rustic chic and luxury…

I love the mix of island casual with sleek modern furniture…

COuld there be a better place for a soak in the tub? I think not!

Places to lay in t he sun… loving the inventive woven canopy at right.

This is not what my morning shower will look like, sadly.

Do you want to kill me for showing you these pictures? Because I’m a little upset with myself too. The spa looks like just what I need right now (note the strung stones as a privacy curtain? Incredible!)

Even the little bottles of bubble bath are a sight to see!


  1. Beautiful…thanks for sharing! It should definitely help you get in the right spirit for your trip!

  2. this is the only way i will be traveling this year – via cyberspace – so thanks for the trip!!!

  3. The Seychelles are beautiful. Our favorite vacation getaway…getting there is a bitch…but once your there, pure heaven. Except for the outrageously giant spiders!

  4. It was so very nice of you to not post the prices, it allowed me to have a lovely little imaginary vacation. Then, of course, I got curious and had to see how much my vacation would have cost me in real life. Oww! Reality sure is a slap in the face sometimes…

  5. Oh man. I have spent some time pouring over this resort’s website as well. It is painful not to be there right now!

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