The Canadians Have Got It DOWN.

I am beginning to think that Canadian House & Home is my replacement magazine for both Domino and Cottage Living- it sort of blends the two to create a “best of both worlds” compilation of modern and cottage-y. This most recent issue (March 09) is now a bevy of folded down corners and excited red pen marks (lots of voracious circling and “!!!!!”) This show house in particular, designed bu H&H editor Lynda Reeves and the H&H design team, made me writhe with jealousy and inspiration! You can take a tour of each room here with the designer and see other parts of this AMAZING home!
One of my favorite elements are the F. Schumacher Chenonceau drapes in the charcoal colorway. This print is a new favorite of mine, and am using the wallpaper in a remote design job I’m working on. It may be my “new imperial trellis”. :)

Absolutely LOVING the dark chocolate mudroom (below left) with the sleek drapes and modern pendant- wait ’till you see what else is in this room on the video tour (attention dog lovers!)


  1. I love the patio – simply gorgeous. How fun to have a cocktail party in that space?

    The mud room is very hip as well. My friend just opted for the turquoise version of that washer and dryer. It’s beautiful! (yes, I just used the work beautiful to describe an appliance……)

  2. Brilliant – All of it. Have heard the subscription to said mag is a bit pricey, but think I might have to splurge – looks too yummy to do without any longer.

  3. So pretty. I so love this magazine, but the subscription rate has me running the other way. I may have to just do it. I want to run out to my local Borders and pick up a copy!

    Thanks for all the pics!

  4. Gorgeous! I really do love that magazine’s aesthetic. The kitchen and bathrooms in this home are incredible and I absolutely love the dining room.

    Do you have a print or digital subscription?

  5. Looks great, I may have to run out and buy a copy..I need a Domino/Cottage Living replacement.

  6. I agree whole heartily. I've been buying Canadian House & Home since for almost 8 years now. It does not fill that Domino void, but it certainly helps. Wish it weren't so expensive to subscribe for us Americans D:

  7. I've tried the other suggestions but I do think this is going to end up being my replacement! I'm going to B&N today after work to pick up my copy!

  8. I’m all over it. Thank you for the tip.

    And how great is the Chenonceau pattern?! I used the fabric (in Fawn and Charcoal) as my accent pattern in the store this winter and everyone loves it. I hope it doesn’t get as trendy as Imperial Trellis but it probably will. :(

  9. Annie- I am DYING to do a dramatic powder room in the charcoal Chenonceau with a white lacquered mirror and pedestal sink….SWOON.

  10. I love, love, love CH&H too! One day I went searching through the Barnes and Noble shelves looking for something inspiring when I was so depressed about Domino and I felt like I found a little hidden gem!

  11. Beautiful! Where can you pick up issues of this? I’d like to do a “test run” before committing to a (pricey) subscription.

  12. I’m in Canada and my Mom and I love this magazine :) (though Lynda Reeves drives me crazy sometimes! she also has a tv show) Style at Home is a goodie too. This issue was gorgeous!

  13. Beautiful pictures and I think I will have to subscribe. I did a design course that is headquartered in Canada, this mag was sent to me in all of my materials.

    Thanks too for the pix of your DH…so cute. :>)


  14. They used to air a televised version of House & Home on HGTV and it was AMAZING! I bit the bullet and subscribed to the magazine…no regrets. When the time came to renew, I wasn't sure if I should (purely for financial reasons)…however, I found myself buying them at the bookstore anyway because it's such a great magazine. I really look forward to it coming in the mail each month.

  15. I am a Canadian, and yes, House and Home is a great magazine, but you also must check out Style at Home, which is also a wonderful Canadian decor mag.

  16. Why yes, we do 'have it down', thankyouverymuch!

    Canadian H&H has been around for quite a while– but it is undergoing changes… Editor Cobi Ladner has stepped down and has been replaced by Suzanne Dimma– lately of 'Wish' mag & 'The Style Dept.' of HGTV.

    H&H has been known to be a bit 'stuffy', so we Canadians are hoping Suzanne will bring a bit of a younger more energetic vibe to the mag…

    More than you wanted to know, I'm sure!

  17. Hi there! Totally concur, CHAH is a super mag as is Style at Home, I have subscriptions to both and they were my top 3 along with Domino! SOB!

  18. I agree the magazine is great, though no replacement for Domino or Cottage Living. Amazon has good deals on subscriptions for this mag.

  19. If you get a chance – try to request a copy of their Makeovers special from end of last year. Amazing – best issue yet! If you can’t, I’ll be sure to post some of the pics in the next few days – they are not to be missed!
    Thanks for the Canadian shout out, Erin :)

  20. I love that wallpaper print so much. i went to their website and it looks like they only sell to designers; does that mean i can’t buy it or order a sample?

  21. Thank you for the shout out to Canadians…House and Home is a great mag, and will get even better with Suzanne D.
    I do miss Domino already, it was a great great American mag…
    Now truely listen to everyone and try Style at Home mag also, you’ll be glad you did
    Money being tight…I say one good idea pur month is worth the price…

  22. I loved Lynda Reeve’s House and Home show when it came on in the US on HGTV. Does anyone know if it can be seen anywhere else online? I agree that this magazine is great.

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