What I’m Loving:Pink and Black Rooms

A bevy of pink and black rooms to bring out the girly-girl in you…

How about Betsey Johnson’s pink apartment? I bit for you? :)

Images courtesy of domino, elle decor uk, apartment therapy and lots of others that I forgot to note in my excitement to save them to my desktop! Ooops!


  1. I LOVE BETSEYS APT! so much. I always get a little girly giggle when i see it!

    and i’m glad your post worked! I was having issues with mine this morning also

  2. Are those photos of Betsey’s apartment in a current issue of anything? I’d love to pick it up. I just got the new “color” issue of House Beautiful today and it’s not really colorful at all!!

  3. I’m usually not a pink girl, but these are great. Tempts me to go do a bubble gum pink room for my girls…

    Betsey Johnson is the posterchild of pink and black. She’s so out-of-the-box cool.

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