Trend Spotting: Bright, Sunshiney Day

The overall feeling these days is anything but bright- with the weather chilly and grey (at least where I am), the economy in utter shambles and our favorite magazines closing it’s nice to see a ray of light in the forecast- yellow. Pantone has declared yellow to be the “color of 2009”. Whether it’s in small doses in a room or walls bathed in the color, try a little yellow in your space to lift your mood.

Lee Kleinhelter is fantastic at using yellow in her modern home as well as in her shop:

Items from Pieces in the color of 09:

Pottery Barn also used a lot of yellow in their spring line:

Try adding yellow with a patterned lucite tray or hip stationery from Iomoi:

This yellow rug from Dash & Albert is a favorite of mine, it works in traditional or modern spaces. This wing chair in the middle is from Absolutely Beautiful Things’ Anna Spiro’s shop in Australia and the yellow screen at right is an amazing way to add a yellow graphic element to a room:

Kelly Wearstler loves her some yellow- specifically at the Viceroy Palm Springs which is like a homage to the color:

Use yellow in unexpected places like on a canvas as a headboard or in tile in a kitchen:

KWID’s Imperial Trellis in Citron is an amazing yellow patterned fabric- as seen here in a runner by Erika at Urban Grace (lookin‘ mighty find paired with turquoise) and Courtney’s chair from Style Court.

Yellow ikat takes care of two big ’09 trends- these place mats by Virginia Whitbeck via Stylebeat are fantastic, as are these yellow ikat pillows from Fabricadabra:

Don’t stop with just your room- add some sunshine to your wardrobe too. I love these looks I found on the Cusp website as well as my yellow dress I ADORE (and have yet to wear anywhere) from Boston designer Sara Campbell:

J.Crew’s gone lemon yellow as well. If a lot of yellow seems daunting, just try a pop of it in a bold necklace:

Even Target’s gotten into the game with some yellow gladiator sandals, a patterned trench and Indian inspired scarf:


  1. I hate to admit this, but yellow is growing on me. The fresh sunny yellow looks really great and I’m even considering incorporating it in the interior of my daughter’s room! I must be going insane… Lol.. Thanks for a great post with lots of eye candy!

  2. i am loving all the yellow. perfect choices and i must say you look amazing in that yellow dress of yours.

  3. i am loving yellow with black for fashion and interiors… it is really growing on me as well!

  4. Yellow makes me so happy! I tried that Target trench on in Navy the other day and they didn’t have my size – it’s DARLING in person too (not always true of all Target goods). I think you have just inspired me to go check out the other Target right now!

  5. Yes, I need some sunshine right about now!! I am think of incorporating it in my dining area or kitchen.

  6. For me, yellow hums, and not in a good way. I guess I’m not a sunny person! LOL Fun seeing a pic of you though. Cheers.

  7. I love yellow so much. I love your yellow dress and hope you get to wear it in real life soon.

    Thanks for the post lost of great things to look at.

  8. So does Pantone decide the color each year and designers follow suit or is it a prediction based on trends? I’ve always been curious about that.

    I discovered your blog about a week ago and spent the entire weekend happily pouring over your archives. The only downside is now I feel the need to entirely redecorate.

  9. I love, love, love yellow and feel the same about this post! Thanks for putting a bright spot in my day!

  10. Love yellow! Love Lee’s house too – you can buy it – it’s on the market in Atlanta for a cool $1,795,000!

  11. Great post! I really, really want to be able to wear a bright sunny shade, but every time I try something yellow on I swear it makes me look sick. I have fairly pale skin and some freckles and just haven’t been able to find the right shade that doesn’t make me look like I’m about to pass out. I may have to stick to some of those fab accessories to get my fix.

  12. Great photos for a pick me up on a gloomy, cold day. You look fab in your little yellow dress. If I looked like you, I would find any excuse to wear it:) I actually did a double take, didn’t realize you “were” the model! And I too shed a tear for Domino. So long, dear friend.

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