Michael S. Smith to Decorate Obama White House

(above, Michael’s two books- I dig the title of the first one!)

I had guessed Bunny Williams, but Domino broke the news last night that Michael S. Smith, famed designer, has been tapped to re-decorate the private quarters of the White House for the Obama family. Michael is massively successful- kind of like the J.Lo of the design world- he’s got his own lines of tile, rugs, furniture, lighting, bath fixtures and even his own home scents! He’s got a strong traditional sensibility, but can add punches of modern design when needed. I think this is a great fit!

Here are some images of Michael’s work:

Michaels rugs for Mansour and Patterson, Flynn & Martin:

His tile for Ann Sacks:

A couple favorites from his Jasper furniture line (love the chicken wire cabinetry!)

His bath fixtures for Kallista (obsessed with the marble farm sink- ok, I’m obsessed with all of it!)

His line of home scents:

I can’t wait to see what he does with the White House!


  1. I can’t wait to see either!! I can’t get over his cane tiles- I’ve never seen those before!! gorgeous

  2. Cindy McCain certainly would have had a stylish abode but I bet it would have cost $$$ just like everything she wears/does!

  3. What is so offensive about this post anonymous? You have a personal issue with Michael Smith? How is he not a wise choice? And furthermore, I am sure that Erin won’t mind losing a reader as close minded as you.

  4. I think Michael S. Smith is a brilliant designer, I LOVE his work. I imagine he will do a great job.

    If I were President Obama though, I would make a statement by saying, with the economy, I will live in the White House the way it is and save the people of the United States that money, but because I am going to make such great changes for the country, I will take the right to change the interior during my second term, when the U.S. economy is back on its feet.

    Imagine the respect he would gain from people like the Anonymous, who shouldn’t have turned this into a political discussion. :-) wink

  5. I wanted to say also, that I went to Target last night, thanks for the heads up, I found a couple items that saved much money in a design I am working on, and are fabulous!!! THANKS.

  6. Not that it’s cheap, but I heard they only can spend 100,000 by law on the redecorating! Very interesting!

  7. i LOVE that first bathroom photo. the wallpaper is beautiful.

    and the greek key tile is fantastic

  8. I think the Obama family will want to create comfortable living quarters for their young family that reflects their personal style. We’re all excited to see what Smith comes up with. ..I’m sure whatever it is it will be a break from the overly traditional ho hum that is typically Washington design

  9. I thought of Nate Berkus too, and for the same reasons, but I like this guy’s design sense more. If only because it feels almost surreal.

  10. Sorry to say but, I think the comment about the Obamas not decorating is the most absurd thing ever. I agree with the other poster that they want their home to reflect their own personal style. And I guess to quote OPRAH (oh no!) “Your home should rise to greet you”. I love interior design because I truly believe this and if your home is where you relax and unwind, and host and entertain, you want to it be comfortable and reflective of who you are. This is just one area you can’t compromise. Do it sensibly yes, but do it for certain!

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