Top Design?

Did anyone watch it? Of course you did, if you read this blog you must enjoy interior design and this is a guilty pleasure….I think.
My thoughts…
1) India Hicks’ way of speaking is really annoying. And she’s really tan. I guess that’s how you roll when you live in the Bahamas year round.
2) JEFF LEWIS AS A GUEST JUDGE??? I’m signed up for the whole season!
3) Wisit. The name. The voice. The opera singing. Hella weird.
4) The “Junkyard”, where they all went to shop for these $2,000/2 day lofts looked like a gold mine!! Why were they complaining? Prima donnas.
5) The right team won the challenge for sure, I was pretty impressed at what they did in two days but my question is- how did they get flooring and wallpaper to fit into the $2,000 budget?

6) Kelly Wearstler scares me. She is a rockstar in this biz, don’t get me wrong, but something about her (and her future hair styles they showed in previews) makes me uncomfortable.
7) The talent pool on there is kinda weak… I hate to say it, but perhaps I should have tried out! LOL!
8) Just reaffirming that I *heart* Jonathan Adler…especially when he called the dog bed they made him “j’adorable”.
9) The kiss off line “we can’t live with your design” is HORRENDOUS!!!!

Love to hear what you thought of it.


  1. ha!! so funny…i agree w/ your comments…some of the people on their are knid of lacking in the design area.

  2. I agree it’s nice that INdia is articulate, but she speaks slowly and so monotone….
    Ahh, $2000 for just the junk store…I would have had a field day!!!

  3. oh boy oh boy. Much to say. 1. thank you for saying how uber weird Wisit is…his strange dimeanor and falsetto voice really creeped me out. Please go back to fashion design…Project Runway needs your strangeness now that Stella is out. 2. Last season Kelly Wearstler had some extremely scary outfits…a dress with leg warmers and finger cut out gloves??? I am looking forward to her outfits this year because they sure are interesting (especially when she frizzes her hair out with a small pink sequined cap?)3. why does Rick Schroeders wife need to do a show to help her design career? And on that note, why would someone who worked for Martha Stewart need a “leg up” either? India Hicks “aesthetic” was kind of predictable and boring…I get it…tropical, dark woods, airy. Ok, thats all from me. I will watch it hoping its Wisit’s week to jump ship.
    Leigh in SC

  4. first time commenter here…sorry, its been an hour and already a long day at work.

    i live in la, so someone please tell me where that junkyard is…all i could think abuot was patining those iron gates in high gloss as a headboard!

    and just wanted to say i LOVE this blog and it is the first one i read in the morning at work-before the work emails even! :) and if i ever move to boston, you are my first call for an interior designer!

  5. Wisit is weird, but those drawings were awesome (totally admit it)…Anyway is it me or in the TD pic above does Ms. Russell look like she just at ate a sour patch kid or is a champagne bottle stuck in her fanny….Just asking, y’all.

  6. Sorry for the double post, but looked at the pic again and I realized that Margaret is pulling a Zoolander….

  7. Honestly, I am kind of obsessed with Kelly Wearstler’s hair and clothing. I wish I was established enough in my career that I could be that eccentric.

    I 100% agree that “We cannot live with your design” is the lamest sign off ever. “See you later decorator” was so much nicer and cuter.

  8. Heyho…..I have tried to find out info on all of the contestants for TOP DESIGN…what they have done, what their work looks like, etc. A couple of them have nothing to be found on the WWW (how strange is that), but a couple seem to be doing/have done some high-end stuff.


    Robert, the guy who seems to be the “serious designer” character on the show is noted to many magazines including on the Arch Digest website right now.

    Eddie can be seen monthly in Martha Stewart (is he trying to capture the title of “the little male Martha?).

    Andrea Schroder – well, for lots of things, many for being married to a celebrity

    Readers can see what other publications some of the designers are in, which gives a good picture of what they do.

    So, I wonder how much latitude they get to actually express themselves in 40 minutes of broadcasting, compared to how much footage they actually shoot?

    Just thinking out load….


  9. Well, I have high(er) hopes for this season. So far, I’m neutral on India.

    But I simply cannot abide Kelly’s wackadoodle ‘dos.

    As for the weak talent pool (as if I knew the first thing about this), I agree to a degree. Some are clearly chum for early episodes, but a few of them seem to have resumes that make me ask why they need to go on a show like this.

    As for the “we can’t live with your design” … feh. It’s OK. But “see you later, decorator” made me break, let’s see … 12 tv sets last time.

    Looking forward to recapping this along with everyone else!

  10. Does anyone know the real name and location of the “junk” store, loved all the great architectual items there!

  11. Leigh from SC’s comments were right on the money!
    Wisit freaks me out. He needs to get voted off the island along with Shazia.
    Ricky Schroeder’s wife is way b*tchy and if she says “I need to establish myself away from being his wife” one more time I’ll scream.
    I don’t have a fave yet but I’m excited to see more of what the young girl from Columbus can do….

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