Living with Room Service

Have you ever walked into a store and thought “I just want to move in here”? Well, now you can- kind of. The Hollywood Regency mecca Room Service, in Palm Springs and Los Angeles, own and have decorated a handful of properties in Palm Springs (and one in LA) that you can rent for luxury vacations! Filled with their goods, the homes embody that sleek, fun and glamorous style that they sell so well. Grab a few friends and go live the good life!

The goods from their shop:

Some of the properties available for rent:

4 Responses to “Living with Room Service”

  1. Sugar Plum says:

    wow, how fun. i had not idea that was in LA. thanks so much for sharing, if only they would come re-decorate my home!

  2. Maegan says:

    yep. …I want it all.

  3. Anonymous says:

    As much as I love the look of Room Service’s stuff the quality is really bad especially for the price. I bought and own the hollywood dresser ($2400). I’ve barely had it for a year and I am having issues w/ it. Drawers opening on their own, and they are made of MDF (which I just discovered). When I called and asked if they would fix it they had the nerve to send me a quote. NEXT!

  4. Elements of Style says:

    What a bummer to hear! :(