Mama Mia!

So after much cajoling from my mom and other friends I went to see Mama Mia on Saturday night. It’s simply good clean fun, although watching Pierce Brosnan try to sing was a tiny bit painful. But the scenery- oh, the scenery- I am so ready to just pack my bags and move to the Greek Islands and run a little B&B! Seriously, ciao my dear readers, I am running away….

I was trying to pay close attention to the interiors and details after being asked to do a little post about it. The overall look was certainly white and light sea blue, as seen on all the interior walls. This chip, Mikonos from C2 is probably a good bet in recreating that sun bleached feeling! For something a tad bolder with a touch more green, try Salty Brine ( I love how the names match the feeling as well!)

One of the things that caught my eye were the brightly patterned linen drying in the Greek island sun- I read somewhere that they were all Josef Frank prints (who is Swedish, but it the moooovies, dahling). Some cheaper alternatives would be prints from Marimekko, Anthropologie (found this Josef Frank covered chair there!) and Pottery Barn!

PB/ Merrimekko:

Embroidery was also something I noticed, and in searching even found this book on the history of Greek Island Embroidery. I really had no idea that there was so much history there.

I had a hard time finding actual Greek island embroidery that was affordable (unlike this auction item), but this still up top from the movie shows the bedspread I was after, and it does remind me of the much discussed Otomi embroidery from Mexico (at least it would give you a similar feeling).

Flatweave kilim rugs are everywhere, here are a few I found that may help re-create the feeling (click on image for info).

Also seen, wrought iron beds and distressed wood furniture everywhere. A shabby, who cares type look that just exudes relaxation and vacation.
From Circa Trade:

All below from A Rustic Garden:

Bed tot he left from eBay, to the right from Anthropologie:

To add some “oomph” to a distressed dresser, try either of these seaside inspired knobs from Anthropologie:

Also seen everywhere in the film: candlelight. This below from Anthropologie has it’s own tree! If you want to be crafty, let Martha show you how to make your own jelly jar lanterns. She’s got a couple ways to do it.

Light this candle, called “Sun & Santorini” to really create an authentic atmosphere.

And to toast your efforts in creating a Greek Island themed interior (or exterior)- toast with mismatched wine glasses in bright colors.


  1. I was waiting for you to post something about Mamma Mia! It’s fun knowing I’m not the only person who pays sometimes more attention to the decor/clothing in a movie than the actual acting/dialog/plot. I loved the sets and clothing in Mamma Mia and the wedding reception is my ideal party. Thanks for taking the time to search out ways to create the look in real life!

  2. What an awesome roundup! Can you give the link to the red and white rug? Clicking on the photo doesn’t take me to it…and I’d like to check it out, possibly for my family room! :)

  3. Holy Moly what a fabulous post! First, I need to see the movie, second I need to cruise through some of your suggestions [love them all] and pick a few goodies.

    Seeing such pretties is a great way to start one’s day. Thanks!

  4. OF course. Figures! Every.single.rug I fall in love with is by Madeline Weinrib.

    When will the less-expensive “Weinrib-inspired” versions start coming out?? Did I just say that? Yes, I did. ;)

  5. Do you know who makes the dress Meryl Streep is wearing at the wedding? My brother is getting married soon and that has just become my mothers dream dress. I would love to suprise her with it..

  6. Great post! How about the costumes? I’m wondering how I can find costumes like the flamboyant ones they wore during some of the dancing scenes. I need them for a “Mama Mia” themed production I’m doing.

  7. Ok, so I am definitely a little late on this post here! But, I got this DVD for Christmas and have watched it several times, for mostly the decor! I did a post on it over at my blog, and I linked to your post here! Thanks for all the links and inspiration:)

    ~Melissa Lewis, Off The Wall

  8. Great Post… a lil question though…
    Can u be a little more specific on how one can obtain the same candle light lamps seen at the wedding reception scene of the movie, i've been mesmerized by those and would love to make them for my house. thanks…

  9. Hey a great sum up,
    was wondering if you could help me grab my hands on those lamps…
    it would be great if you could teach me how to make those coz i'm from India and buying those would be impossible( coz of shipping charges)
    thanks -)

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