FashionJuly 22, 2019

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale HOME Finds (& A Little Fashion)

Serving Tray I know lots of bloggers are posting about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale regarding fashion, but I’m here to round up some of the awesome HOME staples that you can score at a discount right now while the sale is open to the public and still going on. From luxury sheets,…
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FashionJuly 19, 2019

Fashion Friday: Date Night Outfits For Grown A$$ Ladies

Dress // Earrings Three things inspired this post today: 1) I actually have a date night tonight (we are terrible about doing this, so it’s NEWS) 2) I have recently decided I am too old to be fiddling with complicated underwear of any sort and 3) a reader/ clients asked for a…
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FashionJuly 17, 2019

A Summer Classic

As you may know, I am a connoisseur of the striped Breton shirt. I may have like 15 in my drawer right now in fact, and am always on the hunt for my next favorite one. So when I stumbled upon the work of Jeff Robinson I almost fell over in delight. His paintings of striped shirts bring me so much joy, and if I had a spare $5,000 laying around I would snap one up immediately. So charming!

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InteriorsJuly 15, 2019

The Homes of Big Little Lies

As with most people, you can tell a lot about the characters in this show based on their homes and decorating style. It becomes more obvious the more you look into the details of their spaces and a good set decorator will consider everything from texture to whats in each picture frame to where the items are sourced from when crafting a space for the characters in a show or movie. This show does a great job of that and their homes and spaces play a big role in the drama of the show (hello, Mary Louise and her epic “where’s all your furniture” burn to Renata). So I thought I’d do a little roundup of decor items based on each character’s space for fun today!

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FashionJuly 12, 2019

Fashion Friday: Loosen Up

Even before Meghan Markle sported her voluminous caftan dress at polo recently, I have been feelin’ the whole loose dress thing happening this spring summer. I told Andrew that this was going to be the summer of the mumu for me and he voiced STRONG opposition- but there is something SO relaxing and wonderful about basically wearing a tent. It works for lots of body types, it’s cool in the hot weather, insanely comfy…. I mean #caftanlife, right?

But I am the first person to tell you I feel like a total imposter rocking this style. Like, I look ridiculous. So I went in search of looser dresses that maybe aren’t quite so GIANT in volume but still give you that breezy, “lady who orders fries and rosé for lunch” vibe (basically, my life goals).  Here’s a roundup that should have a little something for everyone! I personally am a huge fan of these long stretch linen dresses from Sail to Sable (I wore on on Instagram the other day) as it’s flattering but still loose and SO comfy. But I may try one or two of these that has even more volume to it and see how I feel.

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InteriorsJuly 10, 2019

Blog Sale & Another GREAT Home Sale!

We had a major office clean out last week and so we have some great stuff for sale today! Please e-mail to buy! WALLPAPER SOLD 1 unopened roll of Donghia/ Hinson Big Trixie vinyl grasscloth in Navy 54″ wide x 10 yards long Retails for $550 per roll , asking $350.…
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InteriorsJuly 8, 2019

Updating A “Just Fine” Kitchen

Sometimes, especially when buying a new home, you find yourself with a kitchen that you don’t LOVE but is “just fine”. New-er cabinetry, stone that isn’t terrible, a layout that works.   Since renovating kitchen sis SO costly, it’s not always financially sound to renovate a new kitchen just because you don’t love it. But you CAN do something about it in which you find a balance between being financially savvy and having a kitchen you like.

This kitchen was renovated in the 90’s, and luckily renovated pretty darn well, with custom white cabinetry. But our client did not like the bow and floral flourishes on the hood and above the window or the backsplash.  The counter stone and shape wasn’t her favorite either, but replacing it was going to be more than they wanted to spend- so we did a mini-renovation and the end result looks really amazing!

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FashionJuly 3, 2019

Protecting the Whole Family with Supergoop!

Summer time (especially this upcoming holiday weekend) means tons of time outside, and now that I am a mom I have become that crazy lady chasing her kid around with sunscreen every 15 minutes to reapply for fear he will become burned. And as a woman who is about to turn 40, I can tell you I wish I had worn more sunscreen on a daily basis in my 20’s! Oh, how those sun spots and wrinkles are coming to haunt me now!

But I am also extra vigilant about sunscreen because when I was a baby, my father was diagnosed with malignant melanoma.  Luckily, they caught it and he survived. But it does run in my family so I am pretty careful to get a skin cancer check every year (GO NOW IF YOU HAVEN’T!) and apply sunscreen when I know I’ll be out in the sun. But one thing I need to be better about is using sunscreen EVERY day, not just when I’m at the beach or doing an outdoor activity. 

So I’m glad to have tried some of Supergoop!’s new products to help me be a better sunscreen user!  The Unseen Sunscreen is a clean gel-like primer that is easy to apply, weightless and the perfect base for makeup!  It’s such a great way to seamlessly add in sun protection without adding a layer of anything greasy or heavy to your face. It’s a no brainer.

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