Amazing Etsy Lighting

There are a lot of gorgeous light fixtures out there- many of which are so absurdly expensive.  I’d LOVE to have me a Lindsey Adelman fixture in my house, but seeing as they are as much as a car, that won’t be happening.  But there are so many artisans who make similar style works on Etsy- and THEN some, as it turns out! Here’s a fun roundup of some of the incredible fixtures you can find on the site:

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Third Trimester Favorites

Yep, we are in the “under five weeks ’till baby” countdown and I thought it would be helpful to share some of the things that have kept my third trimester relatively comfortable.  I think my body is giving me a break after such a hard first 20 weeks, so it hasn;t been bad at all- I get tired easier, my back hurts after a long time on my feet and sleeping is a little tough- but overall I cannot complain.



Fashion Friday: Two Penny Blue Fall, A Giveaway & Day of the Girl!

Happy Friday everyone!!! Today I wanted to share the fall lookbook for Two Penny Blue (a brand run by one of my BFF’s Marie Whitney and which I consult for) and show you guys some of the awesome choices for fall as well as discuss the amazing uniform donation concept AND do a little giveaway!

The Vivian Leopard Topper is obviously my favorite- Marie and I longer for a faux fur coat in a truly great leopard/cheetah print with clean lines that didn’t add too much bulk. And this is it- and it will be on my body as soon as my order arrives. :)  In fact, maybe I’ll just deliver in this.

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My Current Favorite Kitchen Look

For kitchen backsplashes, nothing beats a good, classic white subway tile in my book.  There are so many varieties- beveled, small, narrow, crackly glazed, hand-formed- but even so,  sometimes you want to use something a little different without making a huge statement.  That’s why all of the sudden I am swooning for kitchens with shiplap backsplashes (entire rooms done in the stuff, frankly) instead of tile.  Yes, it’s the term you can play a drinking game with while watching Fixer Upper, but it’s used constantly for the same reason subway is- its just good, classic design!

This kitchen by former Boston (now Nashville) designer Stephanie Sabbe is simple and amazing!


Love this one too by Karen Swanson of New England Design Works.


The Beauty of Botanicals

I have long loved classic botanical prints, and am now trying to find the right spot in my house to use some.

This room by Erika Powell is one of my all time favorite uses of this kind of art (I’ve read those are super affordable posters- but I cannot find them online anywhere).  With the grasscloth and white upholstery it’s a modern take on traditional.


A huge grid of smaller prints hung above a green velvet sofa is a showstopper.