FashionSeptember 18, 2020

Fashion Friday: Fall Shoes & Boots

A quick post to kick off the weekend- FALL SHOES! I didn’t include many heels because not many of us will need them with this whole pandemic thing- I wore some for the first time in months the other day and OUCH. I’m feeling lots of texture- alligator, velvet, cowhide and LOTS…
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InteriorsSeptember 16, 2020

EGD Projects: Turning Spec Into Special

A part of my business that I’ve really enjoyed and tried to develop further is working with developers and builders in providing finishes and design for spec houses (you can see previous examples here, here and here). It’s an interesting process that combines the freedom of having “no client” with the challenge…
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MusingsSeptember 14, 2020

When Failure Follows Success.

I’m just going to finally say it, my second book was a flop compared to my first. Ok, maybe “failure” is a way too harsh word for what happened with my second book.  But it’s a tricky topic that I’ve been discussing with Andrew and the women who work with me and…
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FashionSeptember 11, 2020

Fashion Friday: Early Fall Finds Under $100

Here we are, it’s almost fall! I’m both excited and worried for this season- but one thing is for certain- I’m so ready to shop for fall clothes.  Here are some finds that are under $100, so you can enjoy some new looks without totally breaking the bank. Click images for links.
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InteriorsSeptember 9, 2020

An Unexpected Color Pairing

While the interior design business is most often an excellent way to show off your creativity and unique concepts for a space, a lot of times people play it safe. And I don’t blame them – it’s a lot of money to decorate a room, and it’s scary to make choices that…
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FashionSeptember 4, 2020

Fashion Friday: Fall Is Coming

The other morning there was enough crispness in the air that I needed a sweater, and guys, I was PSYCHED. I have said time and time again I LOVE FALL. I am particularly happy this fall because I have a tiny baby girl to put in teeny tiny sweaters! :)  So today…
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InteriorsSeptember 2, 2020

Updated Hardware Round Up + Tips!

We’ve gotten some requests for an updated hardware round up, so that’s what I’m bringing you today. :)  When it comes to kitchen and bath hardware, I prefer to stick to relatively classic knobs and pulls, in either an antique/satin brass or polished nickel. I much prefer round knobs to any other…
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InteriorsAugust 31, 2020

My Guest Bathroom Mini-Renovation

This post has been a LOOOOOOONG time coming, as we finished this project in March, but then COVID/ pregnancy/ childbirth and, you get it, I just had not found the time to shoot it. I still haven’t (properly with a real photographer) but my iPhone pics are gonna have to suffice!

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